Friday, April 23, 2010

Gorilla Snot....and Some Art

Did I get your attention with that title?!! It's what I'm using on my hair! For quite awhile I used a product called Got 2 Be Glued....I like my hair to stand up straight, kind of spiked and since I have fine hair it's a challenge and I need all the help I can get from some kind of strong product. Well, recently I went to buy some Glued and couldn't find it. TROUBLE! I don't like change. When I find something I like, I stick with it. While browsing the hair products I saw a colorful bottle and I couldn't resist....

And it really does say Gorilla snot....

Isn't that the most gross image to be putting on your hair!!! But it works! And it doesn't make my hair stiff and hard. It's easy to wash out and I love it! Who would ever think that at 66 years of age I'd be happy about putting gorilla snot on my hair!! And here's my hair now....

It's getting so gray that it's blending into the door behind me! I guess I'm a gray-haired punk!


I'm still playing with scraps of paper in the studio....

This one is mostly magazine scraps and some paper tape.

The blue all came from magazines and the quote was on the seal of some sour cream I recently bought. I can find ephemera in the most unlikely places.

I've also been doing some Sharpie marker art in the evening....

Now I'm going to take my snotty hair and go back to the studio for some more play time! Have a great day....and SMILE!


  1. wow, it's really called gorilla snot! ... kind of like gorilla glue for your hair (yes, the title DID get my attention!)

  2. lol Yes! When I saw the title I HAD to come see what it was all about. Love it. Your art is great, as always!

  3. You are too funny! Love the pages ....

  4. Woman....You are a "HOOT". I love your sense of humor. I think your hair looks great. Ever think of spraying it purple on the tips? I think you could really pull that off.

  5. Yay! Love your hair!!!Very cool! My grandson uses that too. Moco means snot in spanish!!!
    How fun!

  6. That is pretty funny. Made me snort my coffee. One day I was walking in the beauty aisle at Target, and saw this stuff called Butt Paste...I couldn't believe my eyes. It is some kind of zinc oxide ointment for diaper rash & other skin ailments. I guess I'd rather be caught buying gorilla snot. I love your hair...purple tips would be just right for you!

  7. Cool hair, Janet...even if it is covered with Gorilla Snot. lol

    I love your Sharpie page!

  8. Love your hair!! And if it means you have to use gorilla snot, well, that's the way it goes! Love Love the piece with the flowers done with markers!

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I love your snotty hair, and your scrappy art!

    it's fun to play in the studio...and I need to do more of this...but the sunshine has been keeping me outdoors out on my bike!

    waiting for a rainy day...
    maybe I'll try a zentangle!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Love the pages. Now should I be worried about you? Really...gorrila s---. Just the thought euuuuuu ack.LOL

  11. That's so funny! You're a suprise, Janet... LOL Gorilla snort!

    I love your hair, stylish and so modern. Now I know your secret! hehehe...

    Kisses and love from us.

  12. well it got MY attention too! I thought it might be an art product! lol! I was going to ask if it washes out easily - I have fine hair now too and find that a lot of products sit on the hair and it takes a lot of washing to get the stuff out of it without damaging the hair I do have lol!
    love the pages!

  13. Ooooooh, I really like that first one...something about the round orange shape and the contrasting green stripes!

  14. Well, at least itsnot just any ol' snot, lol. Your hairstyle looks cool, btw - and so do your pages. I really like your sharpie art, especially. Have a good weekend!

  15. Crikey Miss Spikey--I must go get some--I had my hair cut this week and it was spikey when I left the hairdressers but by the time I got home it was flat on my head.
    I think I need concrete.

  16. Snotty hair! I love it! Of course, if I put that stuff in my hair, I'd probably have to shave my head. Can't imagine what it would do.

    I just had a thought---you know how people end up looking like their dogs? Well, I think maybe they can start to look like, or at least blend into, their houses. Case in point: your hair is blending in with the door or the wall; I tan the color of my hardwood floors. There just may be something to this new theory. What do you think?

    Love the blue page!


  17. Well YEAH, you got my attention! Obviously the makers of this product have a wicked sense of humor! hahaha

    Nothing wrong with grey hair. I no longer needed to pay to have a weave coloring done (blonde highlights)as I'm growing my own grey highlights. :D

  18. Very hip! Gorilla Snot..who knew?

  19. "Your post made me laugh about the gorilla snot! And I am still laughing yet. ha ha ha

    I like the blue art that one seems to have a nice calming effect about it.

    I used to spike out my bangs a few years back, not sure why I stop doing the such.

  20. Well Janet, if gorilla snot works then thats what you have to use. Wonder how easy it is to get snot from a gorilla. Quite tricky I'd expect. Pleased it's snot my job. LOL

  21. Oh Wow....
    Funny post and great Art....


  22. love your attitude you punk!

  23. We always think it is funny that Arney uses Gorilla Glue in some of his wood projects, but Gorilla snot!!! Whatever works!!!! You are so young at heart, this is good!
    Love the big red fish too.
    I am trying to catch up...M.E. seems to have closed down her blog.
    Nothing will ever happen for her and I...the lession in this is be careful with my words, they can do alot of harm.. Big Hugs, Mary

  24. Love this post Janet and love your new PUNK look...too cute! I'll have to try some of the "snot"...LOL
    I have fine hair too. Every time I go to the hair dresser, I hear how my "baby fine" my hair my grandmom's was...wish I'd gotten my mother's hair!
    Anyway, I might like to try that "do" someday! Looks easy to care for!

  25. This is funny because I have a barrett that matches my now naturally frosted colored hair. I took a pic of it yesterday. It was my 7,001 picture!


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