Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Having Some Fun....

Are you sitting down? Are you calm? Do you have a cup of tea/coffee near by? I don't want you to get overly excited but I do have a little art to show you! It isn't anything more than some background paper but hey, it's something!!

Yesterday I just HAD to get some paint on my hands! I started with a brown paper bag that I cut and spread out on my worktable. I added random bits of paper....just stuff that was already out on the table except for the paper doily. I had to search for that! I knew I had them but just where had I cleverly hidden them?!!

I used some small desktop calendar pages, some tissue paper and other scraps. Then I added a light wash of cream paint over everything....

This is the (cheapie) paint I used. I think it's from Wal-mart. I've said this before, but I like some of the really cheap paints when all I want is a wash or a hint of color. This particular paint works great when I want a hazy look. It pushes things back but doesn't completely cover them. I know it won't hold up over millions of years but for something like this I don't care....

Then I used a credit card and scraped on some pinkish-red paint....

Immediately I sprayed a light mist of water over the red and using another credit card, I scraped most of the paint off. Of course I smeared all that watery excess onto some other paper to use later....I don't like to waste paint!!

When that was dry I scraped on some aqua, misted it, and went through the same steps as before....

Then finally I did the same thing with some purple....

Here are a couple of close-ups of the paper when I finished....

I like how there's so much texture on this paper both from the paint and from the added papers and doily. I wish now that I had wrinkled the brown paper before I added to it. I think that would have given even more texture. Next time I'll try that.

This technique is nothing new. I found some notes that I had made quite some time ago so it was probably on someone's blog but I don't know whose. If it's yours or if you know who did it please let me know and I'll give credit. I'm always making notes when I see something I want to try but many times I forget to write down where I got the idea.

I did another smaller version on some heavy watercolor paper using different colors....

All in all, I like this technique and ended up with some good background papers....plus I had fun doing it.

Today I might use some of that paper for some postcards but who knows. At least I got in the studio and played around and I felt better after.

Have some fun today....


  1. What an outstanding and clearly presented tutorial, Janet. I'm emailing this post to myself so I don't lose it.

  2. Love the technique and the paper turned out marvelous. Thanks for sharing the how-to.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    how great is it that we get to play and create such unique things in our everyday lives...

    i cannot imagine NOT being an artist and living each day without some form of creativity!

    you were fun to read today! thanks for the paper show!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Glad you had fun playing and experimenting without any pressure and now you've got something unique!

  5. Janet,

    The real key is you said you had fun. That is what its all about. I love how it came to live when you put the purple on... Sometimes play is just the perfect thing...


  6. Love seeing the techniques and love the finished paper. Will definitely try that myself!

  7. Who would have ever thought from your first photos there that the end would be so glorious! Beautiful tutorial and helpful. I'm hoping to learn new background techniques at Artiscape this week. I cannot wait!

    My verification word is "Purist." I don't think we're purists these days, not with collage!

  8. GREAT, Janet...Now you have all that paper at the ready..that is a god feeling to have. :)

  9. Hello Dear Friend, I have been gone forever, but not idle....
    I went back to see all that you have done, and the office space is wonderful for you both.
    I love the tutorial Janet, it sure has some fun things to try. The colors are amazing...I never have done anything like this, it would be fun to try!!!
    I have added a post on my blog...shocking Huh!!! I miss us!!!! Mary

  10. Fantastic job Janet.

  11. I love making painted papers. I'll have to try that technique as I love how it comes out. It's surprising how the red + aqua + purple work together...

  12. That does look like fun, Janet. What better than a juicy textured paper and in the colour purple!

  13. Love all those layers. Want to run my hands over that paper, it must feel really nice! Good job...both the having fun and the end results!

  14. That is really neat. I wish you could come help with my collage project for Earth Day this Saturday!

  15. Winterwood10:47 PM

    I really enjoy tutorials and thanks for showing how its done to get that great effect!



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