Friday, April 09, 2010

A Peek at Our Office....

HB and I finally finished the office a couple of days ago. Now we both have our own work spaces. HB found a used office cubicle that fit perfectly in the space we have for him. It's one of those with padded walls....I wonder if he's trying to tell me something!! Maybe he needs a padded room to get away from me! This is HB's side....

And this is my side. HB built in the desk and shelves when we did the last office re-do. His area is just to the right, behind that bookcase....

And this is the other side of the room....

Sorry about the glare on the picture above the love seat....there's a big window just to the right of that bookcase in the corner and the light was shining on the picture no matter what I did.

This is the bookcase on the left side of the love seat. Would you believe these are all cookbooks!!! And I don't even like to cook! For some reason I love cookbooks though. I can spend a lot of time reading through them and drooling over all the goodies.

Now that the office is finished we're back to concentrating on the garage. You probably think it's taking us a long time to organize it but this is what we've been up against....

These are just some of the books stored in our garage! All those boxes are full of books. These are the leftovers from my online business. We're sorting through them, throwing out any that are worthless, donating others to the local libraries, and giving some to neighbors....anything to get them out of the garage. So when I say we're working on the garage it isn't just a weekend job! We have a three-car garage that pretty much looks like the photos above! But we're making headway. When we're finished I'll have a space where I can do messy art projects. I can't wait!

weather: sunny and expecting 74ยบ by afternoon
around the house: lots of clutter that needs to go away!
I am hoping: to have some art time today
something I love: listening to the birds sing each morning
on my mind: the sketchbook project for Art Co-op


  1. wowwee, take a deep breath to tackle that garage...lots of work there, but think how wonderful it will feel when to you

  2. Wow that is a crazy amount of books, good luck sorting!

  3. And I thought that my fabric pile was bad.What sort of books are they Janet?

  4. It's so cozy and wonderful and organized. (For that matter, so is the garage -- quantity notwithstanding. Or may it STAY standing till you go through it!)

    Nice work -- you've got to love it!

  5. Oh Janet, Thank you for letting us see your office and your Garage! I thought the garage was going to be a "just kidding" picture, but I didn't see you say that! WowZa!! You're very organized, I am impressed!

  6. Holy Smoly that's a lot of books. Don't look at the entire project, look at it "one box at a time" ~ then it won't seem so daunting. Maybe. Have fun...

  7. Anonymous3:58 PM

    OMG! I thought we have a bunch of We inherited some books and now we are getting out of our flea market booth. I am jealous of your own private space...I love it! I want your chair :) Doesn't it feel good to get some things accomplished. We just had a little front porch built...they finished's wonderful!

  8. A job well done on the office, Janet and HB. Goodness, that sure IS a lot of books in the garage! I don't envy you the task of sorting through it all.

  9. Your office looks great. Separate cubicles, now that's the ticket. I wish our office was large enough to allow that. We share the same space, his one side and mine the other...but my stuff keeps "creeping" nearer his. Imagine that! That is a staggering amount of books in that garage of yours. Wow!

  10. Anonymous5:57 PM

    it's nice to be organized...that's for sure....

    a padded space, eh? humm.....makes you wonder! lol

    i cannot believe all those should come up with a project that involves paper....!!

    ciao bella
    creaive carmelina

  11. holy cow and I thought I had a ton of books! Good luck figuring out which books stay and what to do with the other ones! Books are so hard to give away!

  12. The office space looks great..But oh my how many books..I can not complain now about how many books I have..You have several more than me..LOL.

  13. I love the office, so cozy and that garage what kind of online business did you have

  14. All that came right out of my mouth once I seen your floor to ceiling wall of books was "OH MY GOSH"

    And here I was expecting to see a clutter garage full of this, that and everything else other than just books.

  15. I cannot even begin to wonder how many books are in those boxes!
    hopefully the garage will soon be looking like your new office space

  16. I know they're probably a pain for you but I'm drooling over the books. I rarely run into anyone who has more books than win...but not by much.
    Hope you get your own space soon. It really feels good to have a place to call your own.
    Funny-my word verification is reada

  17. Your office looks very inviting and I could sit on that couch and read our cookbooks for hours, they are my passion also but I do like to cook. That garage project would scare me.

  18. Wow! That is a lot of BOOKS.
    Working in a library I understand what you are up against.Why did you stop selling them online?

    Janet your office space looks very organized.

  19. Oh I love your office with the built ins! great use of space. Good luck with your garage, I wish I were closer I would come by to help! People say I'm good at organizing. Enjoy the weekend.

  20. You both did a good job on the office/studio.
    Now I understand why the garage takes so long to sort out.
    Ours is full, but not nearly as neat as yours.
    big hugs

  21. Your office looks cozy! And wow I do love to see a large book collection like that! The bookworm in me would dive into that, cookbooks ornot! LOL

    But gods! Your garage is so organized, but so crowded with all those books!!! What are they about?

    Kisses from us.

  22. Anonymous11:32 PM

    And I thought we were bad with 7 bookcases (some double stacked) and 2 pallets in the garage!

    I now feel bad for sending you that book.

    Best wishes, L***

  23. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I think I just fainted at the sight of sooo many books... never seen so many before in one place lol! good luck sorting thru them!!

    Krissie at winterwood


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