Saturday, April 17, 2010

Postcard Winners....and a Little Art

Saturday you have a fun weekend planned? Tell me something exciting you're going to do because mine is going to be dull! HB has an appointment this afternoon so I'll probably continue my never-ending quest for some sort of organization in the chaos I laughingly refer to as my studio. I'm sure you get tired of hearing about me re-organizing and cleaning that space but it really is a constant thing with me.

I did take some time this morning to put all the names in a little basket for the postcard giveaway drawing. Since it was just a small giveaway I didn't use the random number thingie. I drew out four names and they are....Eden, Jeanie, Fannie, and Miss KoolAid. Be sure to send me an email (my email address is in my profile) and give me your mailing address so I can get them in the mail for you.

About all I've done artsy in the past couple of days is find even more unfinished projects! But I can show you a couple of journal pages I did recently....

I did this one when I was angry....can you tell? And what I was mad about had nothing to do with what I wrote about on this page!!! I wrote all over it with gel pens and they show just enough to know they're there but not enough for you to read it. It's mostly about how my mom never taught me how to do anything around the house. I never had chores....never had to do anything. As a kid I thought it was great but as an adult I realized she hadn't done me any favors.

I don't think this one is finished and I'm not thrilled with it but I'm still showing it. It's a little too cute or sweet for me....not edgy enough!


Here's a few snippets for you....

eating: my morning oatmeal with chopped walnuts, flax seeds, brown sugar and almond milk
hoping for: some artsy inspiration!!
wearing: jeans and a tee....the weather has been beautiful and warm
listening: just the slight hum of the's very quiet this morning
spending: maybe spending some $$ today. I have 50% off coupons for Joann's!!!!

I'm off to continue my quest! Enjoy the weekend....hopefully I'll have at least one finished thing to show you. I won't bore you with any photos of the studio, clean or not!


  1. BooHoo! I did not win, but I am happy for the gals that did.
    Angry, not my Janet!!!! I have been busy with the searching for family on Ancestry, and anywhere and every where that might give me more clues to family. I love doing this, but it takes so much time.
    Arney is out doing the first mowing of the season...The Tulips have openned, so I will take a few pictures. Good Day, Mary

  2. Uh,Oh ... off to Joann's with coupons ... good for you ... then B&N?????? !!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to the winners.

  3. Congrats to your winners!
    An afternoon shopping sounds good to me.
    It's cold here today and threatening rain. A day to stay home and clean out my office. Like yours it seems to be an neverending project. I like the art that you say is not finished. Love the colour of the flower there.
    big hugs

  4. aw. I'm not a winner. well congrats to those that did win!

  5. Janet I was the opposite, my mom worked full time and I was a little house slave at a very young age. I never made my daughter do much around the house, but she observed me and can do anything....and does..
    I had a lot of resentment about all the things I was forced to do. Was your mom proficient around the house?
    It's not all it's cracked up to be...
    By now I'm winding down from it and passing the fact I am darn tired of house maintenance....time to play after years of cleaning, and cooking.

    I'm with you, I prefer the edgy pieces you do...very indy and unique!!

    Big Hugs Giggles

  6. I love the "teach your children" one Janet and the hint of writing looks fantastic.

  7. love the snippets!

    Glad I'm not the only one who is racking her brains for some inpsiration! I made myself sit down and fiddle around with some stuff and actaully made some art! hope to see yours next week Janet!

  8. Hi! Congratulations to your winners.
    Enjoy the weekend. I will too even if I don't do anything.

  9. You have demonstrated the beauty of Art Journaling!! You expressed yourself and it went for good!! I really like that flower in your cutesy page too! I'm kinda a cutesy sucker :D

    *I've got just the spot for ROSE too!!

    Thank you :)

  10. Congrats to the winners. The new pages are wonderful, even the one you did when angry. Sometimes anger is just what you need.

  11. Happy to be getting one of your postcards!
    I love your "angry" page. It's definitely showing emotion.

  12. congrats to the winner. My mom never really taught me how to do anything, apparently it was always easier for her to do it. Then when I married my hubby (who is a neat freak) we were total opposites because I never did anything or knew how. Luckly for our marriage I soon learned, now I wish I didnt know how. I did teach my daughter cooking, cleaning etc. How much she picked up is a mystery...

  13. I hope you had a great time at Joanns. If you enjoyed the process on those pages, that is enough... have a great weekend!

  14. Great pages. I esp. like the emotion showed in the "angry" one.

    My w/e plans include the JoAnn's coupons as well...and a Tim Holtz demo/make&take at Archiver's. Yipee...and maybe a little scrappy artwork too.

  15. Congrats to the winners! Love the page you made...sweet butterflies in the background!

  16. Congrats super-lucky winners!

    I can't imagine you getting angry or mad at anything! But I get your point here... I was lucky to have my mom to teach me how to deal with a house and everything that encompasses it! LOL But I have to say, I had not much to do because she would use my school time to get the house all cleaned and ready.
    But I do teach bits of organization and other stuff to Lucas. For him is like a game, he loves helping me, and I only let him do tiny things like taking dust from furniture and bad seeds from the garden, but it's really important to turn a person into the most independent one possible!

    I hope you can go through your quest and get evreything organized!

    Kisses and love from us.

  17. I really like both pages, especially the top one that you said you did when you were angry. It doesn't look angry, but it does have that edgy quality that I love. when I find that my pages look to sweet, I throw in a stencil or a stamp that looks like a tatoo. Sometimes I also rough up a page with sandpaper and go over the whole thing with a black ink pad. Then, I remove ink with a baby wipe until I get the effect that I want.

    I'm with you on the matter of food, btw!

  18. Janet....Just received the ROSE postcard! Love it!!! And...Thank You :D :D


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