Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scrappy Art....

Thanks for all your comments about my food rant! I don't go there very often but sometimes things just make me SO angry and I have to say something.

Now on to something much more fun....ART! I've been playing in the studio with nothing much in mind other than using some of the stuff I have laying around. So I did a couple of postcards....

I don't know why that one little area looks so orange in the scan because in real life it's much more red! This one reminds me of planets but HB said "fireworks" the minute he saw it.

This one I used some of that brown paper bag that I painted. It says "romance" to me. I think I'll add something in the upper right corner but haven't decided yet. What do you think?

I did this on the front piece of cardboard from a box of crackers. And I didn't think about anything....I just grabbed and glued! I love it!

This is the back side. It's about 5" x 9" so I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet but it was fun and I used a tiny bit of scraps from my table. This is all either junk from the mail or things from a magazine or catalog.!!!


eating: rice cake with peanut butter
listening: John Mayer
weather: chilly, damp and cloudy
wanting: to be finished with the garage!
dinner tonight: leftover veggie lasagna

Smile....and have a great day!!


  1. I agree with your "hubby"...I saw fireworks in that one too.

    I really like the blue one with the roses. Normally, I don't like roses, but that piece is so feminine.

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    planets for me ... and was thinking myself of getting some scraps of paper out and doing things with that now that I have a few backgrounds all ready to go!


  3. I like the last three here, very colorful and nice to look at.

    But....Rice Cake with Peanut-butter? Sounds a bit too dry for me to swallow. My favorite rice cakes are the carmel cakes. Yummy good.

  4. Fireworks is good. I agree.
    I love that you covered a cracker box..Fun and junk mail..
    Take care.

  5. They are all great and I love the cracker box. It is so much fun to come here and see what you do with all the stuff most of us throw away.

  6. Just caught up on all your art and news, I am way behind because of Mother....but soon I will have my regular life back. I am loving the postcards, you make them seem so easy, I rack my brains....I love your fireworks. I agree with your hubby

  7. These are really good, you have the best ideas:) I like the one that you like best...TEE-HEE!
    I am DVR-ing if that is a word?? Food Ink came on at the same time as American Idol, so I will watch it after. Thank you for the heads were right about everything. Hugs, Mary

  8. Number one is my favorite, looks very red on my screen. Love the color and texture combination!! I have distinct tastes. I can scan a room and know exactly what I love.... Good job! I love how you experiment with's awesome!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I can see you've been having fun. My favourite is definitely the rose piece but then I would say that, wouldn't I ! ^_~

  10. love the romance one! the colour is divine

    just also want to say Janet, that your constant visits to Inglewood mean alot to me.. more than words can say xoxo - thankyou

  11. That last one is my favorite too!! I love that you used whatever was on hand--I'd love to be that spontaneous.

  12. Woo Hoo...cracker box! I like the back side best, because of the geometric shapes. The romance one is really pretty too. Rice cakes and peanut combo is Apple Cinn. with extra chunky P.B. Of course after that movie last night,I may have to start making my own!

  13. Great pages Janet, I recognize those stencils. Oh I should be able to do some spray painting again soon, I miss it.

    The roses page is romance, you could add a couple in the corner.

    I love using recyclables too. I plan on taking the premium saltines box and make an accordion book out of it. I need 2 and I was saving one of them and now that I have a new box I can't find the old one. That is how it is sometimes.


  14. Oh, I'm enjoying catching up on your blogposts.
    Thanks for sharing your products of "using what you have"...I desperately need to do that, also.
    You've created some lovely images!


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