Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That Darn Wind....

Wouldn't you know I've been just itching to do some spray painting and of course we're in a very windy time of year. Yesterday it was rippin' and today is the same. So I'm trying to do some other creative things to take my mind off the wind. I made another piece of scrappy art this morning....

This began life as one of those over-sized postcards that you get in the was some kind of advertisement. I covered it with paper and paint and a few copies of "my gals"....added some stamps and a bee in the corner and said "that's it"....I might actually paint something this afternoon. After seeing "my gals" it got me in the mood for doing some crazy faces. So maybe tomorrow I'll have some to show you.

And lastly I'd like to say thank you to all the people who are following my blog. I don't always have lots of time for emails and blog visits so please know that I appreciate each and every one of you. I'm always happy to see new faces here on my blog and I love getting comments. I try to get around and visit as much as I can but some days it just doesn't happen. Today might be one of them! We have several things we have to take care of today so I won't be home until late afternoon.


listening: that darn wind
wearing: my jammies....I better get dressed!
upset over: "Lost" was a repeat last night
happy about: life in general
needing to: get some laundry done

I lead such an exciting life!!!!


  1. great work on that postcard and love your girls
    hugs June xxxx

  2. Ms. Janet -- your beautiful postcard arrived yesterday! I love it -- and of course now it's on the fridge (to move to my inspiration board one day!) Love it! Thanks!

  3. I do love to see your ladies. You have such a gift for painting them - in spite of your protestations to the contrary. x

  4. It's been quite windy here too!

  5. Ooooh, I love these ladies--I hope you do more and post them!!

  6. it is windy here too!
    I love your gals.. and this scrappy art that you created fantastic!

  7. i love your postcards, and your faces.

  8. Nice work, Janet! I do enjoy seeing your lovely ladies....I liked the bee in the corner too.

    I managed to get some laundry done today ~ :)

  9. As always I love your work! It is cold and wet here, rain and hail mixed. I would love a nice warm wind for a short time.

  10. Ordinary days are very good days. I just did Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" which documents just that.

    btw, it is blowy and not at all our April weather here..50s!

  11. oooo... I love the girls. Are those cut scraps or did you paint them?

    And thank you for your comments! But by no means do I demand one on every post ;)

  12. I hear you about the wind. The song "Oklahoma" (where the winds come whistling cross the plains...) wasn't kidding! geesh!

    We were "lost" without Lost Tuesday night too.

  13. Lovin' the postcard revamp! I love all your art,girl!

  14. I really love that shape of the card... never thought to change paper shape... very effective and love the art on course!!!

  15. Hi Janet,
    Sorry about the wind. Could you make yourself a shadow box out of a large carton and spray inside it?
    I wnated to comment on yesterdays Library find. I have all of Nick B's books. They are so wonderful. I even fond some stationery with paper and envelopes a while back. That book is a little treasure.
    Love the little ladies. You have created a great personal style for these wonderful faces. I could tell a "Janet" design anywhere. Wonderful.

  16. I like your gals! Hope the wind's calmed down up there - thankfully it's only a breeze here today - but it was blowing like crazy here the last few days too. Took down a couple of power lines - including one between us and our neighbors. Luckily it didn't do much damage - though it did spark the neighbor's roof - but the fire dept got it put out pretty quickly.
    Hope you're having a happy May so far!

  17. LOL...Your life sounds like mine...gotta go check on that wet laundry that's dryer-bound...
    And Yes, do some painting! It's good for what ails you.
    (Oh, yeh, I'm a big one to talk = I need to take my own advice, lol!)

  18. Cute your attitude!


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