Monday, May 24, 2010

Announcing My First Ever Mail Art Swap!!!

You may have read something here yesterday or over on Lee's blog saying that we were cookin' up a little something for you.

Lee and I have done a couple of mail art swaps together and had lots of fun with them so we decided to spread that fun around a little bit. Would you like to get some cool art in the mail?

These are just a few of the pieces of mail art I've done recently.

All you have to do is leave a comment either here or on Lee's blog and let us know you want to play along. We will then partner you with someone and you will exchange two pieces of collage mail art about 6" x 6" in size. Just be sure you can send it through the mail!

So leave me a comment right here or over on Lee's blog and you're in! Please send an email to one of us (our emails are on our profiles) and include your mailing address. You have until June 7th to sign up and the mail art should be sent out by June 30 so you have plenty of time to do something fantastic!! On June 8th we'll pair everyone up and send you your partner's name and address. Hopefully we'll get some people who want to play along....remember this is for anyone, anywhere in the world!! And please don't hesitate to spread the word on your own blogs. We'd love to get a good response on this.

Let's fill those mail boxes with fun stuff so there's no room for any bills!!

PS - LOST was awesome last night!!!!!!!


  1. I would love to play along but will have to pass this time as June is going to be much too busy for me to guarantee I will be able to finish.

  2. I sure hope you do this again post June 17th. After that, I'll consider participating in swaps again.

  3. Count me in..... I agree that LOST was great last night. I am so going to miss it.

  4. So behind catching up on blogs. I want to do this, but have to wait for a few days to see if I can pull off signing up. I'll check back if I think I can make it -- it sounds such fun, I think I have to try!

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    a 6" x 6" collage...that's what you have to make...?

    sounds great!
    count me in...
    and you already have my address!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. I'd love to participate! Please count me in! What fun!

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I'll play...sounds fun!! Do I need to send you my address again?
    I spent most of my day with my mom...I took her to her doctor's appointment. I agree...Lost was awesome last night...sad that it is over though. I'll post about your swap next time...

  8. I'm definitely in!
    And yes, Lost was amazing!

  9. blogaloor girl7:32 PM

    Hi Janet, I would like to join in.

  10. janet..there's no more LOST.. whatever will we do now? lol..
    xx Peace, kai

  11. This sounds so fun, but I'm just getting started in the art/altered art world and am not ready to join in this go around. Hope it goes well and you do it again later this year!

  12. so 2 6 x6 collages? any theme?
    yes, I think I would like to be in this Janet!


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