Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cake and Art and Summer....Oh, My!!

It's the long weekend! Does that mean lots of time for art or are you going to be busy with other things like camping, swimming, hiking, or a backyard barbecue? It's the "official" kick-off to summer whatever you do. As a kid at this time of the year I remember thinking of those three lovely, long months ahead of me with no school....just play.

Last night I baked a cake for HB (well, I might have had a teeny tiny piece, too!)

I made a Banana Rum Chocolate Chip Pound Cake! Doesn't that sound yummy?? I made it in a bundt pan rather than the suggested loaf pans and it worked just fine. Would you like a piece?

Sorry the pictures aren't too good....I was trying to take photos at night so the lighting wasn't terrific. And I don't have a fancy cake plate so I used one of our camping plates! No one ever accused me of being Martha Stewart!!!

I used a recipe I got online but can't remember whose blog I saw it on! This morning I went online and found the recipe here if you'd like to try it. It's DELICIOUS!!

Ok, enough of this kitchen talk! Let's get on to some art! I finished another piece, the last one, of the brown paper from my painting table. When HB saw it he said it looked like the wind so I named it Sirocco....

Now that I've used up all the paper from my table I guess I'll have to start painting some more backgrounds to use. And just so you know, I'm still working on the studio. I'll take some pictures when I finally get it organized....that should be sometime around 2020!!

Have a great Saturday!! I hope you have some sunshine and blue skies wherever you are....


  1. The cake looks great and love your brown page!

  2. Wow, Janet! I have missed SO MUCH lusciousness since last visiting your blog; shame on me. Your artwork is so colorful and organic. It makes me happy!
    That cake is a thing of beauty, especially on that blue plate!
    I'm sorry to hear of your back problems; it's hard to find a comfortable position when your back hurts. Take care of yourself.
    I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. (And after school is out, I'll be around more. One more week!)

  3. delicious... both the cake and the art!

  4. The cake looks yummy. I would never have thought to put it in a bundt pan but it's perfect! It looks just fine on that plate.

    I LOVE this piece and the name. I agree that it looks like wind. It's just gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Hey! i love using a fancy bunt rather than a boring loaf pan....

    and yes, i'd love a piece with my coffee right about now! hehe...

    i emailed you...reg. desktop publishing!..hope that helps!

    and as always, your art is fabulous! I'm not a genious at collage, but I'm working on it!

    have a great day!
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  6. Janet, both the cake and the brown paper art looks delicious. I think you'll have a whole bunch of us trying out the brown paper art befor long!

    Not much art going on here this weekend. We're knee-deep in gardening.

  7. Anonymous10:28 AM

    i have been working on my 6x6's...

    finished one...and i like it...

    thought i'd keep ya posted! hehe...
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. So many people are talking about cleaning up the mess in their studio.
    Apparently chaos inspires....judging by some of the work you do. Have a great weekend.

  9. Yum, I have a piece of cake please. I'll make the tea..!

  10. Janet- your paper painting is fantastic!! I love it! (No cake for me...although looking at it made my mouth water.)

  11. Oh my gods! Your cake looks awesome, Janet! Seems like banana is the word lately around blogs!LOL

    Don't need to say what I think of your art again, do I? :o) Beautiful and full of life, as always.

    Kisses and love from us, thank you for your support always...

  12. wow at your art and your cake looks so yummy reaching out over the screen to take a slice!!

  13. wow at your art and your cake - reaching out throught the screen to take a slice! lol!

  14. oh janet, that art, the colours I need to get busy.....I would love a big slab of that cake, but you would need to bake it for me...I am not a good baker.

  15. My that cake looks as good as it as it sounds good. I never had a Banana Rum Chocolate Chip Cake before, most certainly something to try perhaps for this upcoming Fourth of July even!

    Love those colors in your art work here, so now my imagination just ran while and it had just occured to me how nice this would look on a bed spread as well as a table cloth.

  16. CAKE....Yum, who cares about the plate, I doubt if it would taste any better served on crystal.Always
    looking for a good new recipe, thanks.
    Great color combination and design in the art piece.

  17. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Hi...The cake looks really yummy. I wonder what you could substitute for rum...maybe organge juice? The recipe reminds me of the pumpkin choc chip cake I made around Thanksgiving. Can you believe that the year is almost half over? I feel like I'm on a revolving door sometimes...great doodle the colors!

  18. A pity I don't like anything with banana cooked in it 'cos your cake sure looks enticing, Janet.

    Sorry to hear about your back problems. If it persists, you might want to think about acupuncture as it worked wonders for my daughter.

    Your painting is makes me think of jewels ~ :)

  19. The pix of the cake look good enough to eat! And I'm wild about your posted purple picture! Hate it when I miss a few days! This is the best!


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