Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cake and Art and Summer....Oh, My!!

It's the long weekend! Does that mean lots of time for art or are you going to be busy with other things like camping, swimming, hiking, or a backyard barbecue? It's the "official" kick-off to summer whatever you do. As a kid at this time of the year I remember thinking of those three lovely, long months ahead of me with no school....just play.

Last night I baked a cake for HB (well, I might have had a teeny tiny piece, too!)

I made a Banana Rum Chocolate Chip Pound Cake! Doesn't that sound yummy?? I made it in a bundt pan rather than the suggested loaf pans and it worked just fine. Would you like a piece?

Sorry the pictures aren't too good....I was trying to take photos at night so the lighting wasn't terrific. And I don't have a fancy cake plate so I used one of our camping plates! No one ever accused me of being Martha Stewart!!!

I used a recipe I got online but can't remember whose blog I saw it on! This morning I went online and found the recipe here if you'd like to try it. It's DELICIOUS!!

Ok, enough of this kitchen talk! Let's get on to some art! I finished another piece, the last one, of the brown paper from my painting table. When HB saw it he said it looked like the wind so I named it Sirocco....

Now that I've used up all the paper from my table I guess I'll have to start painting some more backgrounds to use. And just so you know, I'm still working on the studio. I'll take some pictures when I finally get it organized....that should be sometime around 2020!!

Have a great Saturday!! I hope you have some sunshine and blue skies wherever you are....