Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm Just Doodling Along....

Thanks for hangin' in here with me. I know I've been very random about posting and it's only due to lack of time....not lack of interest.

I have managed to do a few doodles recently. That's about all the art I can manage in short little spurts of time but I guess as long as I'm doing something it's good.

Mostly I've been working in a very old, small sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5)....there are several pages where I had previously experimented with spray paint and on some of them I had used stencils. I've just been doodling over these pages....

This one was just using lots of circles.

This was a page where I splopped down leftover acrylics....I experimented with an abstract-ish woman.

Of course, this is my favorite! This was spray painted and you can see a hint of a stencil in the background. I doodled some extra flowers and leaves and Viola!!


We now have one third of the garage cleared and useable! If you remember, this is what that area looked like just about a month ago....

And this is what it looks like today....

HB took down all the book shelves that were in the center of the garage and we just left the ones on the side walls.

I have space for a nice big work table where I can do messy projects. No more worrying about getting paint on the carpet like in the studio.

Most of the magazines and books along this wall behind my chair and work table are ones that I can use in art in some way....either for altered books, covers that I can remove and use for journals, books that are worthless and can have pages torn out for using in art, or any number of other things. Most of the books along the other walls are books that I would like to keep!!! We'll see how that goes! But at least, now I have some place to work on big, messy art and our garage is slowly getting back to normal. We still have the other double-car side to do but we're making progress on that side, too.

Now you know why I haven't had any time lately!!


  1. The garage looks great - and so do the doodles. They look like more than just doodling to me though - that second one especially - reminds me of Picasso!

  2. LOVE your doodles! What kind of pen do you use?

    Ooohhh ...garage? ... great space!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    happy day!

  3. Do you and HB rent out? !!! Love the lady and I knew your lavender page would be the favorite!

  4. Janet, you are so inspiring from your fantastic doodles right down to that big area in your garage to play in.

  5. Love your latest art work, the lady is awesome.

  6. Well, duh! No wonder! It looks fabulous -- totally fabulous! (And by the way, loving the doodles! At least you're doing SOMETHING, which is more than I can say for me these days!)

  7. Your pages are so inspiring!! I love the idea of doodling over the backgrounds. Looks fantastic! That garage looks more like a study!! You should see my garage, well maybe not it's pretty pathetic!

  8. Your garage is probably bigger than my apartement!
    Love the doodles.

  9. Congrats on getting so much done in your garage. The doodles are wonderful, I love the lady and the last one of the flowers the best. I have just finished reading Journal Spilling in depth (I skimmed through it when I first got it) and I am now getting antsy to get one started.

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I think yes, as long as you are doing something art related, be it a doodle or a quick're doing great! I've been pressed for time lately as well, not pressed for inspiration and interest, so i know just what you mean!

    and i do remember the last posting of the garage is looking neater and you've found a work space! yeah you!

    have a great weekend...i love your doodles, love, love, seriously inspired here! thank you !

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. goodness... you have been bsuy but still found time to do those great doodles! I like the picasso lady one! amazing art even though you are doing other stuff!

    that space is wonderful you can really go to town on art in that place... I worry about the carpet too in my study area and that kind of stymies a lot of ideas - the worrry of making a mess. Lucky you with all that table and room!!!

  12. oh just posted in a comment and blogger ate it up! hmm will wait to see if it appears before reposting another!

  13. Very impressed by your doodling. That skill still escapes me. My auto doodle is alphabet lists of categories but 99.8% of the time I do not doodle, at all. Even when I was at work, on the phone, my hands were still. Oh well, I be who I be!

  14. I love the abstract-ish woman--I sometimes feel like she looks.

  15. I'm so impressed with your "garage"...But it doesn't look like a garage. It's too nice.
    Shouldn't it be called an office or library? I think after all that hard work, you deserve to call it that. :-)

  16. what alot of work that is, but so worthwhile, just think you have a place now not to worry about how messy you are and it looks nice. Loving the doodle, loving the class, this is a class that I can do

  17. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I love that last piece with all the purple...very nice!! I envy your work looks like a great place to work now.

  18. Wow what a garage! I love all the books... it makes me sigh happily!
    What a great idea to have a sketch book just for experimenting. I love that you are revisiting it with your doodles too! The finished product is so lovely and free flowing.

  19. LOVE your doodles Janet. Beautiful art from you always.

  20. I need you to come fix up my garage!!!! That is fabulous! I have my books here, there, and everywhere.
    I love your doodling and especially your abstract lady and the lavender one....gorgeous!

  21. OMG I just love all of your art Janet. Yep I'm hanging in here for the long haul.
    Whew your garage!

  22. Love the purple page and also the Picasso like one. The garage looks great too. Doesn't it fell good now that its done. Big projects are like that, hard when you are doing them but great when they are finished.



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