Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jumbles and Doodles and Snippets!

I know it's been a couple of days since I last posted. Recently things have changed here at Chez Art since HB and I began sharing the office space. Mornings were my usual time to read emails, visit blogs, and post on my blog....but that's changed now. HB needs to have the office (can't tell you what he's doing right now but later I'll fill you in!) during the morning hours. So if I'm a little later than normal answering emails and visiting blogs you know who to blame!!

I've been working on some projects but nothing I can show yet. I did do a little jumble doodle last night....

I did this in my large size moleskine. No rhyme or reason to it....just drawing whatever popped into my head.

And this morning I went to the garage art space, picked up this picture that I showed you earlier....

turned it the other direction and saw this....

I like how it turned out. The color in the first picture is more true to what it actually looks like though.
listening to: a plane going overhead
reading: "Almost a Crime" by Penny Vincenzi
wearing: jeans and a purple t-shirt
thinking about: what kind of smoothie I'm going to make
art: working on some projects, plus still doing some doodle art, and scrappy art
weather: very breezy, sunny and should reach the upper 60's

Have a great, art-filled day!!


  1. I'll send you my 90's for your 60's!!! Love the lady in your page and your doodles.

  2. Missed you yesterday. Love the Doodle Lady. Great job.

  3. I have just discovered your blog (a link from another, from another - I'm sure you've also had the benefit of such happenstance) and I must admit I like your style. I have always said I don't know what I want to do when I grow up - so I continue to play. At 61 I think I need to make a more concerted effort though. The 60s seems like a good decade for me to take play more seriously.

  4. you are such a busy bee with all those doodles!

  5. Love your doodle lady. It's awesome Janet. Really, really nice! Um, 60's? It's HOT here!

  6. I am loving your doodles! They just seem so happy to me. And you know I love the colors! We had mid-70's here and it is just beautiful. My kind of weather!!!


  7. I like the way that you can "see" things when you draw over your paintings.
    You are gifted with wonderful talent my friend.
    BTW I love the lady.

  8. great doodles and I love how the new perspective brought the woman to life!

  9. Your doodles janet are just great - what a great page! I am envying your sun and breezy weather..dark and humid and stormy here!

  10. Love both of your doodles top and bottom, so now you have me wondering what you won't tell us just yet.

  11. Well, look at you Ms. Doodler--Isn't it fun to just let your mind wander and see what comes out of it?!

  12. That lady is AMAZING!! Such a creative use of doodles!!

  13. Hi, the doodle page is awesome - it reminded me of those games in puzzle books where they have two picture almost identical and you have to figure out which 3 items are in both.
    I love the lady, you have a wonderful "eye" for seeing things in your backgrounds.

  14. The face is wonderful and I want to tell you something else. You should have this (the black lines) made into a stamp. And you should make a whole series of stamps.

  15. You draw so well. What an amazing page of little drawings! Love the lady too. Did you decide on a purple smoothie?

  16. Ps. I have a surprise for you on my blog today!


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