Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Art Got Finished....

My back is doing a little bit better and I've actually been shoveling out the studio!! The other day I walked in and this is what I saw....

Total chaos!! What a mess! I couldn't take it any longer so I've been throwing out stuff, organizing stuff, and generally tidying up the space. It isn't finished yet or I'd show the the "after" picture.

I think I've finished another one of the brown paper pieces. I'm never quite sure because sometimes I walk past the table where I'm working and I think "oh, it needs a little something right there" for now, this is the "finished" piece....

Not much else going on. Don't forget you still have time to join in on the Mail Art Swap. You can read about it here or here. You have until June 7th to sign up.


  1. I would love to join this swap...I will send you an email! xoxoxo

  2. Oh Janet, I only wish my chaos looked like what you have there! I see a much larger path through your room than I have right now... I'd love to join your swap, but just can't. I'm going to have surgery on my shoulder in a few weeks. I can't do any artwork, or even clean things up to the point of being able to do "left-handed" art while my right one is out of commission.

    I love those oval pod looking flowers you did on that last piece.

    Wishing you and HB a lovely holiday week-end.

  3. Janet that looks like a great work space. I spent sometime today straightening mine up.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos of your studio.

  4. ok love that brown paper art, I am going to start mine tommorrow you have given me inspiration

  5. very cool art! and your *chaos * makes me smile and feel at home. Remember... "a creative mess is better then tidy idleness" ...that's MY mantra anyway.

    happy day!

  6. ha! love your art space.. mine is like that too!
    and this art piece is just beautiful Janet! I LOVE it!

    [have been away for a week and not sure what happened to your back.. or about the to see now xo]

  7. Yep that piece looks finished to me Janet and it is lovely.

  8. Gorgeous piece Janet, as always. Something very comforting about your creative mess. Shows a lot of work goes on there.

  9. Oh I just love that studio pic!! I do love to get into my stuff sometimes and just go through things. I find it therapeutic if I can't actually paint or create that day. Your painting is AWESOME!! Love it!

  10. Anonymous10:30 AM

    oh janet, i don't know how i missed this post!

    your full of delightful clutter! what an inspiration..

    my old studio used to have the very same green on the walls...i found it so soothing!

    anyways..take care!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  11. Janet,

    Its funny that we are both cleaning out studios this weekend. I did a major clean up on mine...Still have more to do but it is looking so much better.



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