Monday, May 17, 2010

More Doodle Art....

Are you ready for some more doodle fun? I told you I had more pictures to show you. So sit back and relax. Here we go!!!

This one makes me think of planets. I used the fake writing here too. Mostly acrylic paints, some applied with my fingers (!) and ink.

More fake writing on this one. Acrylic paints, ink, some colored pencils, and markers.

Same thing again....just playing with paint, ink, markers....seeing what appears on the page.

I like making these circle flowers....

This one was spray painted. I used some sequin waste for the white circles and some fake writing along the side. I may add something else but for now I'm not messing with it anymore.

These are just beginning. Laying down some colors with a palette knife....don't know where they're going to go but it will be fun playing!

Are you having fun today? It's turned chilly and windy again here so I'm staying in and doing more art.