Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Playtime....

What are you doing today? Are you having good weather? It's absolutely gorgeous here today although it is getting a little warmer than I like. HB and I worked in the yard this morning and then I came in to cool off. I went to my garage art space and started making marks on paper. Just doing some background stuff and playing.

Just using two or three paints and putting down some color....

Having fun....

Adding a bit more to each paper....

Letting them dry, and then I'll go back and add something else. Just playing....


My shoes are on the zentangle blog!! How cool is that!


I took this picture this morning....this is the rose bush by the front door. It's loaded with roses! In fact, some of them need cutting....they're near the end.

Enjoy your day and remember to have some fun!


  1. Pretty roses. I am looking forward to see what you do with your papers. I finished cleaning my studio and posted the pics, I also planted Thyme, Curley Parsley, chives, cilantro, and Sweet Basil in pots on my deck. So all in all I have had a successful day.

  2. Wow! I saw your shoes on and had to pop over and see your blog. I love the shoes and the blog! I am definitely coming back to start from the beginning and read through your blog. Lots of interesting and fun and inspirational stuff in there. Can't wait till I have a little more time.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. (and your beautiful roses.) It is beautiful here in Utah for the first time in weeks, months! Actually warm enough to go out without a jacket. Haven't even gotten the garden in yet because it has been so cold and rainy/snowy.

    From Utah,


  3. I think youll have started a new trend with your shoes janet! Love the papers and the way you do them bit by bit just adding... good technique. I tend to want to do it all at once, maybe not so good as I get impatient to get them finished!

  4. Roses are beautiful! We've had rain all week. Makes me miss the California sunshine.

  5. Wow, what color are those roses? Beautiful.
    Love your background pages; way to get a head start on several pieces when you're ready to work.

  6. CONGRATS on the shoes....I love the mark making sheets I need to do some. I would like to come over and play in your outdoor studio, and smell those roses

  7. Anonymous9:07 AM have been busy! I saw your shoes over at zentangles late last night...tis way cool! I like the backgrounds you have going on. I need to make some this afternoon. We have been having yucky weather here the past few days...I'm ready for some sunshine!

  8. Ok, I SO WANT one of those pinky ones on the bottom. I'll trade ya sumfim???? I am doing the "girls" room (nieces) and I'm adding color on the walls. I could put it in a little frame and it would be wunderbar! OK?? Let me know. email me!

  9. wow, look at all those brilliant background papers!
    the rose is gorgeous..

    isn't it just such fun to have your own little art studio!

  10. Congrats for having your sauper-cool shoes posted!

    We surely had some craft fun today, Janet, take a look when you can here: andsee if you like it. I bet yo can make something much nicer than this! :o)

    Have a wondeful week!

    Kisses from us.

    PS: Hope your son is okay!

  11. Great fun play papers! I really love your new garage play station place too.

    Yesterday I spent all day at the Renegade Craft Fair, it came to Austin for the first time. Lots of fun eye candy and indie arts. It wore me out, so I am being lazy today.

  12. Love those shoes....

    I was thinking of ordering a zentangle kit for the summer.
    Is that how you got started?



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