Friday, May 14, 2010

Spray Paint Fun....

Wow! Thank you for all the great comments on my shoes the other day! I really appreciate hearing from everyone. You make my day when you leave me a comment!!


Today I decided to do some spray painting since it was very calm outside. I pulled my spray table up under the patio roof, got out all my cans of paint, lugged out paper, stencils and all the other things I needed and began to have fun. Of course, about five minutes into it the wind started kicking up and I was only able to spray for a few minutes. I did manage to do some small papers to maybe use in later projects.

This is my spray's an old plastic table and you can see how much it's been used! I don't bother to cover it since it's only used for painting.

A few of the papers I did.

This is some brown paper that was covering my work table in the studio. (Sorry about the garden clippers in the bottom of the picture....they're one of my paperweights!) I took the paper off yesterday to replace it and did a little stenciling on it today. I may tear it up and use it in some art later.

These are a few of the pages I managed to get sprayed. I'll add more to them and they will eventually end up in my journal pages or some other art.

Even though the wind ruined my afternoon plans I still managed to have some fun. Now I'm going to start adding other stuff to these papers.

Did you have some fun today??


  1. can't wait to see what you do with all these amazing papers! I absolutely love the shoes in your last post, great way to repurpose :)

  2. Now this looks like fun! I'd love to try this. I can go crazy with a spray paint can! Have a great weekend Janet.

  3. getting the background pages done is half the journal fun... I love yours and all done with spray!! Ive never tried doing spray painting before, the effects are great.

  4. Love, love the papers - you do such fun things...

  5. I love the piece that covered the table--you couldn't do something like that if you tried-it is a work of art in it's own right.

  6. oh this looks like so much fun!!! show us what you do next with all of these yummy papers.

  7. Love the papers, your color choices are always so pretty. They will look good in any art project you choose for them.

  8. Love the papers! Would love to try sparay painting papers sometime- looks great!

  9. So happy to see you having fun. I think your worktable covering is lusciousness in itself! You must do special with it. Yumm!

  10. How lovely to have the weather to go outside and spray with abandon! You'll be doing graffiti next. LOL

    Love your shoe art on the previous post - you could make a career of that!

  11. Man have you got some cool and colorful pages to have some fun with!!! Hurry Hurry, I want to see what you do!! Inspiration galore!!


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