Friday, May 21, 2010

Works in Progress....

Today I have works in progress to show you. Nothing is finished. I haven't been in the studio or my garage art space much at all today. Too much other stuff to get done....laundry and cleaning and all that crap that takes my time when I could be doing art!!

So here are some of the things I'm working on....

(Most pictures are clickable to view larger)

I showed this "Q" page earlier and all I've done since then is add some fake writing all over the background.

What a quirky little face! She just appeared on this page. Not sure what else will appear.

This page is just a bunch of doodles right now. I like the colors. Who knows what I'll do with this page!

Remember that brown paper that I took off my work table? This is a portion of it. I like how this one is turning out.

More of the work table paper....I like the orange and purple.

And this is the other piece of that brown paper. I have lots more to add to all of these but at least you know I'm doing something!


  1. All of your doodles are just amazing. I really like the colors in that 3rd one a lot. I love the drawings from yesterday too, and the cool face that showed up from the fake writing one when you turned it around. What a grand portfolio you are building!!!

  2. Great works! I really like the way the brown paper from the worktable is turning out, so pretty.

  3. your doodles ARE amazing with that face popping out of somewhere!

    yes, there is a lot of house crap to do before getting free art time! blah! not fair is it?

  4. Great wips! Love the way the brown paper from the work table is going!

  5. Wow Janet...i am totally loving your doodles! Now what are those pens you are using........are the opaque? Can they colour ontop of your lovely graffiti background?

    Thanks for posting about my magic cottage. Iknow you are shy too but i think you know how to get out there. You're so talented.
    Love, Violette xo

  6. Janet it is fun to watch your art evolve...

  7. I love all these... and the fact that you just let your art appear to you, letting it speak to you rather than always going in with a set intention!

  8. You are "Doodler" but your doodles and mine are a horse of a different color. I went back and looked at all you have done while I have been busy on my newest project. My son Cory is getting ready to have his Birthday and I could not for the life of me think of anything to buy him. So I put on my thinking cap, more like a hairpin..and came up with the idea to make him a album of when he was growing up. It starts at birth and goes till he is in the Army. I am using a small album with a lot of picture slots, it is black leather.A lot of captions about the moments. Then I am filling a big box whith Twinkies and Ding Dongs...he will love that.
    I love the brown paper idea and you can find a picture in just about anything...Happy arting..Mary

  9. Can you believe it was in the low 30's this morning and about 40 something today...I was so ready for warm..Yikes! Your, Mary

  10. reat work, I like the brown paper as well. Now get the laundry done so you can play some more

  11. I really like the top three, they remind me of the patterns you find on old bark cloth.
    Keep doing what you're doing..!

  12. Hi Janet. You are so busy. If I emulate at least half of your creative energy once I'm retired, I will count myself very successful.

    By the way, I forgot how much I liked red and teal together. Love that top background you are creating.

  13. Janet,
    I just think this is your niche! I love every one of these and they are all speak JANET to me....really nice work and your own style. I think you have really evolved and I mean that in the best of ways. If we all only had more time...I sure wish I had it.

  14. Thanks for stopping by Sunday Sketches and for your kind comments.

  15. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Hi Janet! my muse!

    i love the photos with all your ink and pens surrounding your work! that's my favourite way to take a WIP shot...(work in progress). and 'life' seem to get in the way of our artistic endeavours,....what should we do about that? lol

    i still have your address on my fridge...haven't done anything as of yet.......

    i'll get to it....hopefully! lol

    take care....
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  16. Can't wait to see the finished ones! These are beautiful!


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