Saturday, June 26, 2010

Collage Queens Rock!

I'm a little slow getting around's been a lazy Saturday.

The collage swap is winding down....everyone is receiving their collages so I thought I'd show you some of the ones that have been received so far. If you participated and have received your collages please let me know so I can post the photos here. And don't forget Lee created a special flickr group for us. It's the 6x6 Collage Queens! Love that name!!

The first two collages were created by Lee and they went to Robyn:

The next two are the ones Robyn sent to Lee:

These next two are the ones Kate did for Judie:

Just a little side note here....Kate is sending out a request for prayer flags. If you'd like to make one for her just head over to her blog and read about it.

These are the ones Judie made for Kate:

Aren't all of these just wonderful little pieces of art! I love this!! Art flying back and forth around the world putting smiles on our faces. If you didn't get to join this swap never fear because I think Lee and I will be doing this again.


Now here's another piece of art that I did recently....

I named this one Alphabet Soup! Actually HB named it. That was the first thing he said when he looked at it.

And last, I put some photos over on my photo blog. This morning the agapanthus was just starting to open up so I took a bunch of photos. One turned out so good that I put it on some blank cards and will be listing it on my etsy shop later today. I'll also have Blue Lagoon listed if you're interested.


  1. Lovely, lovely treasures.

  2. All of the Collage Queens do great work! Looks like they had fun!

  3. All the collages are wonderful. About the prayer flags any color will do. Thanks so much.


  4. I can't believe I let your anniversary slip by...glad you had a good time. The art swap seems to have been a big success, liked the pieces you posted and the ones you have been making. I checked out the photos WOW that is a beautiful flower, had to see what it looked like since I was not familer with it.

  5. Wonderful collages, I will be looking forward to your next one so I can join in. I am going to the mountains for a week, have fun arting and I will catch up when I get back.

  6. Love them all! I loved this swap thanks for hosting!!!!

  7. Wonderful collages and the Alphabet Soup piece you made is lovely too.

  8. Outstanding swap -- what terrific art! (I have that little Gypsy girl art -- it's one of my favorites!) I'd say "hear, hear!" to the collage queens!


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