Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Inspired By Other Bloggers....

After receiving that collage from Carmelina with the pretty little crocheted flower I was inspired to get out some of my crochet thread....

This is just one huge tub that I have....and that's just the top layer showing in the photo! There's at least one more full tub and I think there's a few more balls of thread in another one. I used to make little crocheted purses (I showed them way back when) and I have lots of colors of crochet thread left from them.

Then I had to locate my hooks....

I have a few of those, too and usually tend to use the same one most of the time!

And after all that the only thing I actually crocheted was a little chain to go around the edge of a picture on a bookmark I can just barely see it on the one to the right!

Actually these two bookmarks are much brighter and have a golden look. I used one of my older paintings for the image.

After that I went back to my paints and paper and worked on some collages. This is something I did several days ago. I was inspired by Paula and all the layers she does in her work.

I named it Blue Lagoon. Very soon I think I'll be adding some of these things to my etsy shop. I haven't had anything in there for such a long time....not since I was making so many watercolor ACEOs with faces on them. That seems like ages ago!

I hope you get inspired by someone, too. Have a great day!!!!


  1. Love the bookmarks, they're so bright and colorful.

  2. You inspire me, these are great!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love your bookmarks! You always inspire me. I enjoyed looking at Carmelina's blog also.

  4. I love your new banner! The colors are beautiful! I need to buy some of the small yarn and see if I can crochet with it...I've never tried! But I plan to crochet and knit while I am here at the condo...and draw! Your bookmarks are pretty! Enjoy your day! ♥

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Oh Janet!

    i'm so happy to have inspired you to pull out your crochet supplies! it looks like a yummy stash you have there!
    can I come over and play with you!???

    have yourself a brilliant day...keep making those crochet picture frames...they look great on your bookmarks!!!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. What colorful photos -- and Blue Lagoon is lovely!

  7. and You inspire me .... and round it goes!

    blue lagoon is gorgeous! Perfect for summer!

  8. They look fabulous, Janet!

  9. Love the last two pieces you painted, great colors. I need to live could teach me how to make those lovely little crocheted baskets, I still have the one you made hanging in my kitchen. It is one of my most favorite handmade items.BE BLESSED

  10. Love those bookmarks Janet!!! I really should make some too....since I love to read!

  11. Fun bookmarks and the collage is great. Love the color choices on both the bookmarks and the collage.

  12. Janet..? I did a double take..!
    No purple..!??
    I love the new look here at Just Me and My Art. Very summery.
    You inspire me, you always seem to have something on the go, while me..I'm content to sit and watch..
    big hugs

  13. You had inspire me to get back to my abstract painting which I started over this past weekend even. Oh what fun it is to get back to design painting again. Thank you!

    Your bookmarks are lovely as well as many of your art work here and to think you even crochet too! Your really an amazing woman!

  14. Wow-your blog and your art are wonderful!! I love the explotion of color! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. God Bless,
    Pat, A Remade Life


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