Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots Going On....

You know how I love art journals. There for awhile I was doing a page every day but then I got into some other art projects and the art journals are sitting, waiting for me to come back. I'm sure I'll do them again but in the meantime, if you like art journals, too, you need to go over here and see Paula's fantastic work. You can also catch her on YouTube where she's doing some videos on her layering process. I call her the Queen of Layers!! Right now Paula is at home with a broken foot so she's doing lots of art!! If you don't know her, check her out. You won't be sorry.

Why do I keep working on art that is too big for my scanner, and why do I use colors that are difficult to photograph??? I don't know but I've done it again. I started working on another piece of scrapbook paper....

Love the paper but it was a bit challenging to get color to show up on it! As I worked, I had one section that I wasn't happy with so I cut it out! Then I layered another paper underneath and liked how it looked so I used some gel medium and attached it, making the page about 12" x 13.5"....

In person, the added paper is a lime green, yellow and pale blue color and picks up on some of the same colors that I used on the plum paper. In the photo the colors aren't too bad except the leaves all look gray and they're actually blue. I used mostly reds, oranges, pinks, and some blue and lime green on this piece. It's really much more vibrant than it looks in the photos.

I tried scanning half of the picture....

The lime green side just washed out completely using the scanner.

Here's the other side....

There must be something about scrapbook paper that doesn't like to be photographed or scanned! I really like how this piece looks in person so I wish you could see it the same way.


One last thing. If any of you would like to participate in a healing ceremony for Mother Earth and the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis, then head over to Divining Women.


That's all for today. I'm working on some other projects plus my swap collages. Have a great weekend....


  1. Janet, even though you say the colors are not true, I absolutely love this piece, the added paper, the whimsical design...It's perfect! A very BIG THANK YOU to you for that wonderful postcard that arrived in my mailbox today :) I was expecting only bills and bless your heart there was this beautiful piece of your artwork! I have it displayed right by my work station where I can see it every day :)

  2. Janet this piece is beautiful!

  3. Janet it looks very good up on the computer screen--I love this design!

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  6. Janet you are one of my all time favorite artist....that's all I have to say today....and a prayer
    for mother earth!!

    Oh did I say I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

    Hugs Giggles

    5:37 PM

  7. Nothing like trying to photograph/upload colorful artwork to frustrate me. I sympathize.
    No matter what the color, the bones of the piece are good, so stay happy about it, friend.

  8. I'm very excited about both blogs you've shared today! And I let them know too.

    I also continue to love the work on scrapbook paper. I would like to give it a try, but am intimidated about messing up pretty paper with not so great doodles... but I think I'll get over it and give it a go just in case in turns out half as fabulous as yours!

  9. This is so beautiful it's hard to explain in words, Janet!

    And We joined this healing call for Mother Ocean too...


  10. PS: Giggles stole my words! :o)

  11. The piece is stunning..... I am sure it is even better in person...

  12. Gorgeous piece, I love the colors and I bet they are even more beautiful in person.

  13. Oh Janet, thanks so much for the sweet shout out! :) You are so kind!
    I am LOVING these new pieces! So stunning! I've been practising my doodling as well, you've inspired me!
    Much LOVE

  14. I think you explained the colors very well - with the photos and your words I have a pretty picture in my mind. This is amazing! Really inspiring! Now I'll go and check the links. xo

  15. Janet, you must be amazingly patient to paint things like this! the colours are gorgeous

  16. This is simply beautiful, Janet! I adore the pattern and the colors, and I thank you so much for sending me over to Divining Woman. It made me feel so much better. I'm heading to the Atlanta myself today, and I hope you have a healing, loving, inspirational week!

  17. Yay for Paula getting a mention! Her layering techniques (and finished pages) are fantastic.

    Love your artwork too. Made me giggle- some similarities to what I worked on yesterday!

    I don't own a scanner at the mo so I just photograph my piece as closely as possible, crop it, then light it up a little in picas if it needs to. Just an idea...

  18. You really do have lots going on! I've just been scrolling through playing catch-up. Love your new studio - and love, Love, LOVE these drawings you've been doing! All the fabulous flowers and flourishes - just gorgeous, Janet.
    It drives me nuts sometimes when neither the scanner nor the camera captures the colors right. I wish an artist would design one that would! (um, an affordable one, that is - gee, I don't want much, do I - lol)
    Happy weekend!

  19. Wow your work is beautiful, so intricate and very unique! If you are having trouble photographing bigger pieces, try doing it outside on a sunny day in natural light, I take photos of all my canvas' outside now as it makes it look so much brighter and better!!!
    Lovely blog you have! :0)

  20. Anonymous2:58 PM

    do you want to laugh,?
    i just read your entire post with a russian accent! don't know why i was just moved to do so! have you ever done that?

    i'm off to check out the recommended site.

    and scanning things is always a fun challenge...

    but what I take the photo or scan into Adobe and play and fiddle with the appearance of the colours while comparing it to the original. i get it the closest i can...and then I know that people are seeing things the way they were meant to be seen!


    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  21. Love the design...Something you might want to try with your dital camera if you hadn't already that is. Try to adust the Exposure Compensation, this allows you to adust the brightness for difficult lighting conditions when shooting. Not sure if your type of camera has this mode.

  22. janet... this art work is STUNNING!

  23. Love your artwork Janet. Love your enthusiasm that just shines through in your work.

  24. Your doodle art on scrapbook paper is stunning, Janet!

    The massive oil gushing into the ocean breaks my heart. I cry for the sea birds and animals that are directly effected by it. It makes me so mad to think that the foremen on the rig wanted to stop production while they repaired a broken fitting but the BP boss told them no...that production must continue...and only days later the explosion occurred. Shameful!


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