Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and HB....Our Special Day!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the day I met HB and it's also our 15th wedding anniversary. If you haven't already read the story of how we met you can find it here along with a photo of us before gray hair happened! As always, we will celebrate with a margarita at a Mexican restaurant.

And here's another little piece of art from me....

I named this one 97 in the Shade! It hasn't reached that here....YET....but I know it's coming. This piece is done on a 5" x 5" canvas. I like to either work small, like this, or really big. I haven't done too many big pieces mostly due to space restrictions but I'd love to have an open space where I could actually sling paint around Jackson Pollock style! Which do you prefer....working on small pieces or doing a big piece? I saw a class mentioned recently that was all about working BIG but I don't remember where I saw it now. But that's ok 'cause I'm not going to be doing any classes for awhile now. I have so many classes stored in my brain that I could work for months on just that information. And here I am still doing the same old thing!! What's wrong with me??!


  1. Happy Anniversary and many, many more! Enjoy the margarita!

  2. Happy Margarita Day....and Congratulations on your years together...and finding your bliss amongst it all!! Enjoy many more, with pep in your step!

    Love the orange 5x5....I prefer bigger pieces myself. Albeit they take forever and I find I'm more critical of them, always wanting to touch them up or cover over them. Have a great day Janet!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Happy Anniversary Janet. Enjoy your day and I wish many more happy, healthy anniversaries.

  4. Happy Anniversary dear friend, have a margarita for me :) they're my favorite!

  5. Janet,

    the big class is with Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio and I was tempted but its 6 weeks and I wouldn't be able to participate for the whole time so I decided maybe another time.

    I like bigger too but then I am afraid of real big so I want to challenge myself to do more of that. great page.. we are having beautiful weather, mid 70's I wish it would stay like this but I know it will be hot soon..

  6. Wow another is having a an Anniversary today too! Wanda is also celebrating hers today too!


  7. Love your story and the picture!! We always need to listen to that "still small voice"...
    Happy Anniversary :D

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both. I enjoyed about you two meeting and seeing your photos!! Still looking pretty sassy to me Janet!!!!

    Have a wonderful time celebrating!

    I think it has hit 97 here!! I hate hot weather!!!!

  9. Hi Janet,
    Happy Anniversary to you and HB!
    Love this bright cherry piece.

  10. happy anniversary, heres to 15 more, have another margarita on me. I think you saw that on Kiras website about working big. And I agree with you, I am done classes for awhile, still havent finished one project from any of them

  11. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Are you going to drink 15 margaritas? Hmmmm...

    I like your "97 in the shade"!!! It's BEEN 97 in the shade here for the past month - your art makes that better!

    :-D have fun tonight!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary.

  13. Dear Janet and wishes to you both on your special day.
    Enjoy your margaritas..!
    I'm going to make a mojito and drink to you both, wishing you many many more years of wedded bliss..!

  14. I'm off to read your story of how you met ... enjoy the day and congratulations and all the best on this special day!!

  15. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Love that story, and I love all of the little romantic fun things that your husband did and I'm sure still does.
    I think we all end up doing art that we enjoy the most. The classes are great and we apply things that we learn from them into what we like to create.

  16. Happy Anniversary Janet! Love the story of how yo tow love birds met! The collage is go girl!

  17. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I'm always running behind...I hope you had a great anniversary celebration...ours was on the 3rd. I love the colors in "97 in the Shade! It's been that here and then some.

  18. Happy anniversary! Love your piece of art too! Gorgeous colours!

  19. Anonymous7:54 AM

    there ain't noffin wong wiff you! janet!
    you are following your own creative whimsy....and doing what moves you!

    and as far as working big or small...i've done both, and i love both.....just whatever kind of mood I'm in is what I end up doing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  20. Happy anniversary Janet and HB and may there be many more.

  21. Belated Anniversary wishes to you and HB, Janet! May you have many more ~ xo

    I don't mind the size of canvas really....big or small is fine, however, I can get through the smaller ones more quickly so that has to be a plus, right? :)

  22. congrats xoxo & I hate the heat too.. with a passion - sending you some cold mountain air xo

  23. Belated Happy Anniversary!

  24. Nothing is wrong with you dear ~ you are creating beauty and finding your voice!

    Happy happy Aniversary and wishes for many more!!!

  25. Happy belated Anniversary, Janet! May you both have many more years to share!

    Kisses and love from Nydia and Lucas.

  26. Aren't those life milestones wonderful? Especially when you share them with someone who loves and knows you?

    And speaking of classes, I just attended an oil painting workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    You're right: So much info, so little time to use it.
    But at least, I posted it. lol ~


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