Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A New/Old Studio....

Did you have a good three-day weekend....at least here in the States? Did you cook-out....go to the beach, the mountains, or just have a picnic in the park? Sounds good to me! Wanna know what we did?? Nothing like any of that!

Since HB has retired he has started on a new/old direction with his life and he needed some space of his own. He is setting up a small recording studio. HB was a disc jockey for many years (before I met him)....he was on the air in Boston, Florida, Texas, Washington, DC, and several other places. He has a great voice!! So he is going to try to do voice-over work now that he's retired. Obviously he needs a place where he can set up a small sound-proof booth. We thought we could manage it in a portion of the office but that wasn't working. So I suggested why don't we switch rooms. I would take the office downstairs for my studio and he could have the studio upstairs for his space. Great idea....tons of work!!!

Here is my "old" studio being dismantled....

And here are some of HB's things being brought up....

This is one side of my "new" studio. I'll keep my desktop computer just as it is over in the corner. I have a bookcase and some other drawers dividing this space and you can see one of my work tables set up here. My plan is to cover the back of the bookcase with cork and use it as a bulletin board. I think this side of the room will become my "clean" work area....for sewing etc. "Hedy" is my mannequin head I use when I crochet hats. I haven't done any for quite some time but I keep her anyway. She's keeping watch over the transition!

On the opposite side of the room is my other work table. You can also see some boards stacked along the side. They will become shelves over both work tables. There will also be a shelf that goes around three sides of the room, up high above the doors and window. I'll use that to store things I don't need to access all the time....and maybe also some of my pretties will go up there.

I think this is going to work so much better for both of us. HB will have a secluded space for what he wants to do and I will have my studio just a few steps from the garage art space I recently set up, and also very close to the backyard where I can do spray painting....weather permitting!

So for the next few days you might not see much of me around Blogland....and I'm sure there won't be any art for a few days! I have no idea where anything is right now!! Today I'm going to begin unpacking boxes and try to get some things put back. I'd like to go slow and think it through so that I won't have to be doing this again in a couple of weeks! I hope this is the last time I have to do a major overhaul of the studio. I'm really getting tired!! In the past few days I'd hate to guess how many times I've gone up and down the stairs carrying boxes and stuff. Too many, that's for sure! I'm ready for some R&R....


  1. Very nice! One day I hope to have a place to work, maybe when my kids move out!

  2. Busy follks! Have fun and don't hurt your back!!!!!!!

  3. You are having so many adventures in your house...I love this. Be careful with your back, it can get hurt. Nothing special for our Monday...Arney did get the plants put into our Veggie garden even thought it was raining...This is going to be a very short summer. It is raining again today.
    I continue to live in the past....
    Hugs, mary

  4. Sounds like a great moved on your part being closer to your garage art studio and your yard.

    Sometime in the near future it will be turn to start re-arranging once again, might have to moved my art thingys into the bedroom along with my computer. UGH. But that won't happen til about August.

  5. Changing it up really forces us to
    reorganize and it feels so good afterwards! A change is as good as a rest I say!! lol You'll enjoy the newness of it all.... this year has been lots of hard work over here too.... but so worth it!! Here's to new beginining!!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  6. I know it is a lot of work to set up shop... but holy cow, the fun you are going to have when you are all set!

  7. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hi Janet...this is no small feat...but it sounds like it will be conducive to your creativity and your hubby's ... and that's totally worth it! right!

    have fun setting everything up...i have moved and rearranged my studio many times in the past..and I've never liked it as much as I do now....

    you know what they say,

    "the millionth time's a charm'? or something like that! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    be careful lifting! and take a tea break every once in a while...come by I've got a pot on....!

  8. I like doing this once in a while too--it really helps you get organized and find things that you forgot about, and you can take your time.
    P.S. Hedy looks like a good companion--she's probably a good listener :)

  9. Wow, you're busy, but it really sounds like it's going to work so much better for both of you! And what a great opportunity to really get a mental inventory of your supplies. Good luck in setting it up!

  10. Loooks like the studio project is coming along nicely.
    My hubby's in radio, 45 years and still going strong. He loves it!
    Have a great week!

  11. I can't wait to see finished pics of your new studio space. It sounds like it's in a more convenient spot for you. Watch your back though with all that moving stuff around.

  12. Looks like a lot of hard work my friend I feel tired just reading about it.
    I laughed when I saw the name you have given the mannequin---"Hedy" how clever.

  13. Oh, my -- you amaze me. And I was proud of myself for doing a bit (emphasize BIT) of organizing in my art room. And you just did the garage thing -- boy -- do you rent out?

    Really,, it will be just wonderful! Just be careful!

  14. Hi Janet, I just returned from the mountains, we have been gone since last Thursday. I see I had probably more fun than you as it is so hard to move, even if it is only one room.

  15. Wow, a lot of hard work, but sounds like it will turn out to be much more convenient for both of you.

  16. OH Janet I envy all your space... at least you have plenty of it to jiggle around with HB!! How exciting is all this... then finding new stuff as you unearth it after the re shuffle... I am excited for you!!! Fancy your hb being a disc jockey...wow.... how exciting is that too! I can imagine he must have a realy good voice.

  17. Janet...must be that time. A lot of us are going through a revamping stage. In my case a major clean up.
    We had a BBQ and chilled.

  18. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Janet...We didn't do anything special this past weekend. What a great idea for you both to have your own special work space. Don't wear yourselves out too much getting it ready.

  19. Your post is making me feel tired. I can just imagine the two of you in your separate domains - such solitary bliss!
    Take care with your back. x

  20. How all that work helped your back I don't know, but it seemed to do the trick. I'm sure you'll enjoy having a fresh start... new walls, different organization... Thanks for sharing the photos!

  21. It looks and sounds exciting!!! I enjoyed hearing about your husband and his good sound voice. Hope you can get back to creating soon ~ Happy June Blessings Janet ~ Katie

  22. Hi Janet,
    Looks like a really fun project to me. I love those kinds of BIG jobs! It's going to be so great when finished. My mom was a DJ too! I grew up with a passion for all kinds of music! Now my little brother (age 38 - not so little) manages a group and creates music and DJ's too.

    Can't wait to see more of your project!



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