Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Old Sketchbook That I Keep Using....

Today I hope you have a few minutes to spend here at Chez Art because I have lots of photos to share with you. After showing you my nice, tidy work table yesterday I thought I'd show you what it looks like today! Big difference....

It's beginning to look like my studio now! Having a stool to sit on at my work table is great and I seem to be spending more time in this studio since it's right in the midst of the main part of our house. Before, I usually just stood at the work table and did everything unless I sat at my sewing/clean area but then HB bought me a stool when we re-did everything and I love it.

So while sitting there last evening, I picked up a sketchbook that I've had since....are you ready....January of 1995! It's 5.5" x 8.5" and it's almost always close at hand when I'm painting. That's because I use it to wipe off all the excess paint when I'm working on something. I just open it up, slap down the paint and go on. Then at some point I usually go back and do something else on the pages. Most likely I use spray paint and a stencil to get another layer. Here are some pages in progress from that journal....

I'm doodling on the left hand page and haven't decided what to do on the other one.

This one has a date of August 2009 but that just means that's when I did the drawing. Since then I've added more color and some stamps.

More stencils and spray paint. I'm sure I'll add more to these one day.

This is a drawing I did probably either in '95 or '96. You can't tell but it's all cross-hatching in the background. I used to only work in B&W! Boy, have things changed!!

I'm sure one of these days I'll open up to these pages and see something on them. Until that time, they just sit in the book and wait for me.

Here's something I was working on last night, and that's the sketchbook open beside it.

And here's a close-up of what I'm working on....I like drawing over scrapbook paper. And Sharpies and Prismacolor markers are so much fun to play around with. I bought some of the big chisel tip Sharpies yesterday while I was out running errands. If you like cloud photos pop over to my photo blog and check out the beautiful clouds I saw while I was out.