Sunday, June 06, 2010

The On-going Studio Re-do!!!

Hi everyone....did you think I gave up on blogging? Nope, but I think I give up on ever moving my studio again! WHAT A JOB!!! And add in the fact that my back gives me trouble and it became a tremendous undertaking. I think I might need an undertaker by the time I finish!!

I had planned to show you my "after" photos either today or tomorrow but I think they might have to wait a bit longer. For one, I'm still not finished (!!) and two, I just found out about a show-me-your-studio project that I had to join. It's the 2nd annual "Where Bloggers Create" party on June 19th held at My Desert Cottage.

There are lots of great prizes and it's a perfect incentive for me to finally get this project finished!!!!

I will give you some tidbits of the progress though....

Poor HB had to do all the work on my studio before he could start on his!

He worked one entire day getting all my shelves up for me.

This is one of the shelves that runs around most of the top of the room. I'm using part of it for display and also for things I don't use every day.

Some of my "pretties" from other bloggers....on top of a bookcase.

One small shelf of mixed media books....

and more mixed media books.

Some of my products on the shelf above my work convenient, at least I think it will be when I finally have some time to use them!

Empty boxes stacked outside the studio doors. It's still an ongoing project but I'm sure it will be finished by the 19th so be sure to stop back then to see it. Until then, I'll probably be scarce around Blogland.

Besides getting the studio finished there is lots of other stuff going on in my life that takes me away from the computer. Right now just seems to be an extra busy time. And my collage mail swap is coming to a close tomorrow so you only have one more day to join in. I'll be posting a list of the participants and sending out emails with your partners name and address on Tuesday afternoon or early evening. Until then, please don't forget about me....I know I haven't been a good blogger recently but I still love you all. And I MISS YOU!!!!!