Friday, June 25, 2010

An "Oops" and Some Art....

HB and I survived the margarita last night! It was soooo good. I had mine blended and HB's was on the rocks. Then we had a delicious Mexican dinner, came home and vegged out the rest of the evening! Are we exciting, or what!! Oh, well, we had a good anniversary so that's what counts.

Last night after we came home I was in the studio. You may have noticed in some of the studio pictures that I always have a big, hot pink glass of ice water sitting on my worktable. It's with me at all times. I was working on a little collage done on a piece of cardboard....and I bet you can guess what happened. Yep! I bumped the glass of water, caught it before it spilled completely but enough splopped out that this is what happened....

Darn! Thankfully it wasn't anything all that great. This is what is looked like....

I think I'll try to salvage those dimensional flowers to use on something else but for the most part this piece is going to the trash.

Even with mishaps I continue to love being in the studio and creating art. As you know, with me it's either feast or famine and right now I'm in a feast mode. I have things stacked up waiting to show you! Recently I bought a bunch of small canvases and gessoed them all so they would be ready when I felt the urge to create. So I've been having fun creating little pieces of art. Here's one of the latest ones. I named this one Cayenne Dreams....can you tell I have heat on my mind! I know it's coming and I'm never ready for it.

I wish you could see this one in real life because the texture is amazing. I started off with a layer of spackle and I pressed a stamp into it in several places. Then layers and layers of paint, stamps, paper, name it and I bet I used it on this piece.

Today I've been messing with some scraps so who knows what I'll end up with but I know I'll have more art to share with you tomorrow so be sure to come by again. I love having visitors!!

Now go out there and have a fun day!


  1. You know... sometimes the "oopses" make the best art!!! LOL Those dimensional flowers are SOOOOOOOO cool!!! I can't wait to see where they bloom next!!!

    I think it's so awesome how you layer and layer all of the different things. Have a wonderful week-end - I'll be back on Monday to see what I missed from your creative mind!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Glad to hear the dinner and margarita were good. The art you doing look so fun, even the ruined piece looks great from here.

    I have been so busy this week with little art time and I am really missing it.


  3. Glad your evening was enjoyable. Your oops looks okay to me, it will be fun to see where the flowers go. I like the colors in Cayenne very hot indeed.

  4. Hi Janet,
    Sounds like you and HB had a wonderful day for your anniversary!

    I can't see any problems with this piece after you spilt your water, just art.
    The "Cayenne dream" looks fabulous.
    Oh, your so right, Photo's never do justice to our art.
    Happy creating,

  5. I'm sure I would go crazy over Cayenne's gorgeous! I always keep water nearby, too...I usually spill it on myself! lol Hope you can use your them! ♥

  6. glad you had a great evening, and just love your red art work. . . . I'm on my own again today so thats inspired me to go with a few ideas Ive had!! have a great weekeknd!

  7. One margarita and I am so sleepy...but it is so darn good with mexican food. Happy Ann! Your day sounds like Arney and I...just an ole married couple enjoying our time together doing what we love.
    I am back on my blog:)
    I have missed missed our time together here in blogland...
    Arney is in California with his Mother. Always, Mary

  8. I have a very sneaky cat who always tips over my water!! I love those flowers!!

  9. happy belated anni! sounds like just perfect night.

    sorry about the oops. meant to be, right?

    cayenne dreams came out great. LOVE the reds.

  10. Belated happy anniversary to you and HB Janet! Sounds like you had a wonderful night. Am loving what you are creating right now and that bold canvas looks edible! Sorry to hear about your incident with the glass. Hope you can salvage some of your art. I agree with red.neck chic that sometimes oopses can create the best art :)

  11. It sounds like a perfect way to spend your anniversary....quiet and relaxed ~

    A pity about the water spill as the piece was looking lovely. I particularly LOVE the dimensional flowers! Cayenne Dreams is awesome, Janet! I wish I could see the texture but, you're right, not an easy thing to capture on camera.

  12. I love Margaritas! and Mexican food. however it is not readily available here..
    but when we visited the US a few years ago, our friends took us across the border and we had margaritas til they ran out our ears and mexican food as well. yum.
    quite a scary time though.. because we had left our passports at our friends home!

  13. Glad you had such a nice night!

    I love both those pieces. I'm with the others, I don't see anything wrong with the piece you spilled the water over, but can't wait to see what you do with those dimensional flowers- they look gorgeous from here.

    And Cayenne Dreams is just gorgous too- love that you use spackle for extra texturing! So cool!

  14. I'm so glad you two had a great anniversary!
    I love the little canvas! I can't wait to see all you've been doing!

  15. So sorry for your accident ~ I think you really had something going there. Love the textures in your red piece. I know about feasting in creating as that is what I'm doing this summer while I'm off from school. Sometimes I cannot wait to get in my creating zone ~ it is one of my favorite places! I'm drinking amargarita toast to your anniversary this weekend! Blessings!

  16. Oh, I'm sorry for the accident! Glad it didn't make any major damage, though!

    And I'm happy you had fun with your love celebrating your life together! :o)

    Kisses from us.

  17. Sounds like the perfect anniversary outing. Ooops! Sorry you have to trash it. At least you got a pic first. lol Cayenne Dreams is stunning!!


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