Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Partners and a Peek ....

Hi everyone. I'm feeling much more human today! If you didn't get an email yesterday with the information about your partner for the mail swap please let me know. Lee sent them out and apparently some of your email programs didn't recognize her address and sent them to the junk mail. Just in case, here are the partners:

Sophie and Laura
Kate and Judie
Joyce and Mary
Carmelina and Gayle
Beth and Lisa
Annice and Little Messy Missy
Michelle and Pirk
Robyn and Lee
Mridula and me

Any questions just email me and I'll get back to you.


I'm going to give you another little sneak peek at my new studio. It's all finished and up and running although not much art got done in there yesterday. Mostly I just sat and read, watched a bit of TV, and finally went to bed around 11 last night. I was just a zombie!!

This is my main work area....

I covered my work table with brown paper again in anticipation of more art to come from it later on when it gets messy. Right now it's still clean! I have my big pink glass of ice water right there and the fan just in case it gets hot. My cutting mat looks like it needs to be replaced! I use it for everything and it has paint, glue, and who knows what, all over it. That piece of paper hanging on the shelf is an inspirational message that I like to read each day so I put it right in front where I'll see it.

This is just to the right of my work area. I have my CPS calendar and two of the dolls that have been sent to me. The blue doll at the top is from Lila and the white one is from Lisa. The little ATC near the top is from Doreen's grand daughter, Ebony. And the lion's head is from Brandy Gerber.

I like being able to display some of the beautiful things I've received from other bloggers. There are more items all around the studio....these are just a few. And in case you're wondering, that blue thing hanging from the shelf bracket is one of those bendable drawing tools. It's like a long ruler that bends. You can make curves or other shapes and draw along the edge of it....very handy.

Taking photos in this room is tricky. There is a big window right next to that display area in the picture above. I had to take about a million pictures to finally get some that were good. I tried closing the blinds but that made it too dark. I'm not a great photographer to begin with and throw in a bright window and I'm lost!

Now that you've seen my clean work area I'll get busy and mess it up!

Have some fun today....and smile at everyone!


  1. Your space jus' look wonderful ~ ! ~ I've been considering some extra shelving above my bookcase..but I have to convince the other 2 in the house that it's really needed...may be a cold day in - - - - before it gets done ~ !! ~ Tee Hee ~ !! ~


  2. Looking forward to see the *mess*!!!!!

  3. I love your workspace. I wish I had more room in my art room, but I'm not complaining--at least I have somewhere to go.
    I really like that bendy thing--do you have a link where I can get it online?

  4. OH, how exciting that your studio is finished now...the pics look great!

    If your pics are coming out too bright or colours distorted, change your setting to NO FLASH as, quite often, the flash will wash out and distort colours. However, if your photos are coming out dark despite the window being open, set your camera to the NIGHT-TIME option. I have found that large windows in a room can often confuse the automatic cameras.

  5. Congrats on the new studio!
    May you spend many happy hours there...

    :-)...making stuff for me,of course!

  6. What an inspiring space!! You're so prepared with laying down that brown paper too! Good for you!! I may just have to get one of those bendable rulers! Have fun creating in your new space!!

  7. The room looks wonderful Janet-is there enough room for another chair in case I come and visit(I wish).
    I will show Ebony where you have hung her ATC next time she is here.

  8. How wonderful to get a sneak peek into your new studio! It looks fantastic! I'm sure you'll have many, many hours of fun in there! Love that you display gifts from fellow bloggers too, it makes the room so much more intimate!

  9. I would have found a place to rest also. Your work space looks really good, you have worked so hard.
    Arney works nights this week, I hope to get a few things done. I have been making cards for my lunch group lately, so many Birthdays, so little time.
    I love the brown paper idea, I might give it a try...Love ya Dear Friend, Mary

  10. Nice space Janet, so much neater than mine. I used to have a table, but now it's hiding somewhere under all my paraphenalia...
    So I tend to keep spreading out, now it's the bed next to my table...
    Nice you display things too...glad you feel better!
    My brother was always a tease...still is, but overall a good guy. :)

  11. Anonymous12:17 PM

    yes i got my swap partner email....thanks a bunch! i'll actually be ready to mail out by friday! lol

    can you tell I was a bit anxious to do FIRST ever swap...! and it's not gonna be the last!

    your room is looking way too tidy, so get in there and rough it up a bit...get your paints out..and that clean paper had better be messy the next time you show it off!

    actually it's very good that you cover your work surface, i just mung and destroy my table top all up....but it is my 'art' station for a reason! hehe....

    ciao bella
    glad you liked my collage from the other day!

    creative carmelina


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