Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bargains, Books and Art....

Yesterday as you may recall, HB wanted to go to Michael's and Joann's. He was looking for something specific and didn't find it. But I tagged along and found a few items on sale!

I found these little packages of add-ons, as I call them. They were originally $2.99 and I got them for 97 cents each....not bad. Also at the top you can see a stack of mini-canvases. They're 3" square and were $1.49 each but they were on 40% discount so I got six of them.

I like these storage bins and they were 50% off. I like keeping small items in them because they're open and easily accessible.

And of course, I had to get some paper. There was a danger I might run out! Not likely since I have six stackable drawers filled with paper! But most of these were on sale. I didn't buy anything really exciting but it's always fun to just browse the aisles and see what's new.

Today I went to the library and got some light summer reading....

And finally here's a 5" x 5" canvas I did recently....

This is another one that looks so much better in real life. The shirt is actually a very bright, hot pink and the eyes are lime green but they don't show very good here.

This will be in my etsy shop soon.

Whew! All that shopping, and book searching has done me in. I think I'll grab one of those books and disappear for awhile. Hope you have a relaxing day....


  1. I just knew you couldn't pass up the books!!! Summer reading is the best. Love the kitty!

  2. Dang... all your shopping makes ME want to curl up with one of your books! LOL

    Great finds!!! But... I 'specially like the kitty cat!!! How cute and FUN!!! What's her name?!!

    ;-) Enjoy your reading time!!!

  3. Aren't you glad you tagged along with your hubby?! I wish mine would want to go there! LOL I can't begin to imagine that.
    Your kitty is cute and colorful and cool!
    Who can ever resist more PAPER!!??

  4. Hi Janet!
    a bargain is always good & it looks like you bought some good stuff.
    thanks tons for visiting.. I will keep popping back here as I can - right now I am in over whelm with all that needs to be packed. xo

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  6. Wonderful bargains! You have some interesting reading there too. Cute kitty cat! The two colour background adds a lot of interest.

  7. What a cute kitty, love the colors. I wish Lenny would DRAG me out shopping!!!!that will be the day LOL. I sure had a GREAT surprise in my mailbox yesterday, made my day.

  8. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Hi Janet...you did find some good deals at your relatives.:) I love this kitty...one of the best things you have done, I think. I'm working on another face I hope to finish today. It looks like rain at the moment, I hope so, as it has been hot and dry.
    Keep creating,

  9. Inspirational shopping, kid.
    And adorable kitty cat ~

  10. What a cute and colourful kitty! And love the bits you picked up, both art supplies and books...can't have too many of either!

  11. sigh... bargain art supplies and books. perfect.

  12. I thought Belong to Me looked familiar so I went back to my list of books I've read...I loved it! I rate my books...I know I'm crazy and this one got my highest rating! Let me know if you read it and like it! I am looking for fun reads...hope you found some! Give us some reviews in your spare time! lol ♥

  13. Some fun finds in there. And the cat painting is adorable!

  14. Isn't it fun to get a good deal on the BEST stuff! Love your cat canvas! I've been doing cat canvases too!


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