Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get Involved! And Remember to Play....

I sort of fizzled out yesterday. Never did get anything posted here. Summer is like that for me. One good day and then one not-so-good day. It all depends on the temperatures.

Before I forget about it, a friend of mine asked if I would mention this on my blog:

Be sure to click on the button and learn about how you can get involved.

I guess I'm in the playing mood lately. Not really interested in creating anything of substance....just having fun doing backgrounds and silly stuff like this painting....

She's done on a piece of recycled cardboard. I layered on some scrap paper and then began painting. You may not be able to see it in the photo but there's one piece of paper across her face that had something cut out of it....the edges of that paper dictated to me how I did her weird eyes. I was trying for something fun but she ended up looking harsh. The words that popped into my head were "because I said so!" I could just here her saying them.

After that I decided to stick to background papers! I made a couple using that paint, spray, scrape technique that everyone is blogging about. I actually saw this technique on someone's blog about a year ago and have tried it before. You can see some of those earlier attempts here and then these are the ones I just did yesterday....

The green one is my favorite. As I was making these papers I was scraping off paint, and being my frugal self I didn't want to waste it. The following page had been spray painted using a stencil but I wasn't happy with it so I used it as a place to put the leftover paints. I quite like how this paper turned out....

I think I might like it the best!

I mentioned that I was getting out my art journal again. I'm having trouble getting back into the groove of working in it though. I've tried two pages and they've turned out dull and blah. I'm going to re-work them this afternoon so maybe I'll pull a rabbit out of my hat!


  1. I love all these images you have shown today. The face has the most unusual eyes that simply make her fabulous!! I love to see this free spirited work and the papers are beautiful!

  2. ...And you were just having fun not making anything of substance? That's substance enough for me! lol You're always creative and awesome even when not making an effort (in your opinion, that's it...).

    Thanks for your lovely welcome words, sweetie.

    Kisses and love.

  3. I love the background papers Janet. Your face has a real personality doesn't she...

  4. i love her freaky eyes! adds a tonof character to her.

    the bg papers turned out great, like you, some of my faves are the ones with the excess paint. that excess usually ends up straight into my journal.

  5. Janet, the lady reminds me of one of my teacher's when she was being stern. The papers are lovely and I too really like the last one.

  6. You are so creative, my friend! Keep's a great way to beat the heat...and your work shows off your awesome talent.

  7. That ladsy turned out very interesting, in a don't you mess with me sort of way. Love the background papers. Totally know how you feel about the journal. I've dragged it out several times, yet not really gotten anywhere with it.

  8. Your wacky lady is great.... Play is so important. Your papers look great. I am glad the heat is not keeping you form art.

  9. How very whimsical and fun Janet!

  10. I think she's wonderful no matter how odd her eyes are. You have a gift with the papers,too.


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