Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Back With Some Art and Some Mail....

Hi everyone. I'm still here although I'm a little soggy around the edges! Today the weather seems to have changed just a tad bit. It may not hit 100ยบ today! That would be a relief. Who knew I'd be happy to see high 90's and think it was cool.

A few days ago I got a package from Sophie....a thank you for co-hosting the collage swap.

Just look at all those goodies. In the upper right corner is a small journal, the left corner has a FANTASTIC postcard calendar which has already inspired me and given me a couple of ideas for future works. There are lots of bits and pieces in the lower left things to use in more collages. And in the lower right corner is a beautiful collage....

Thank you, Sophie. Lee and I both enjoyed hosting this swap and we're getting ready for another one so stay tuned.

I also received this beautiful cross-stitched card from Carin....

Thanks, must know I love lavender!!

While I've been on my blog break I've been keeping busy in the studio. But mostly I just have WIPs to share with you.

This is a painting I started quite some time ago and just recently got it back out and hope to finish it soon. I love the background and the texture it has....

You can see that I've gessoed an area for a woman. We'll see how that goes! I've not been doing any faces lately and feel out of practice.

I also began adding color to one of my drawings....

But I think I might have gone too far with it....that's why I seldom add color to my drawings. I think she should have stayed very pastel but I didn't stop there!

Oh, no....I had to keep adding color until she almost glows like a neon sign!

I do like her face....

I think I may copy her, cut her out and put a different background behind her. Not sure I'm liking all the blue.

Today I'm beginning to work in a new art journal. I haven't done any journal pages for several months so I think I'll try some again. And I'm also making more background papers. Show you those tomorrow....

I know I haven't been around to visit for several days. It was just too hot to even think about being at the computer. All I did was read and drink lots of water! But in the next few days I'll be around to visit everyone.


  1. I actually really like the color. In my eyes there is never enough color(O:

  2. You have lots going on, Janet--all good. I love all the color too. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Hi Janet,
    Oh I love getting surprise pressies in the mail-Enjoy your gifts!
    Oh yes, your latest design does glow, I likkkkeee it.
    Happy creating in your new journal,

  4. Isn't mail call wonderful?!! I like your colorful girl. She makes me smile!

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Oh janet! I love your coloured in girl! she's brilliant...and definitely NOT neon! she's summery and fun and fresh!

    all of your 'mail' art is great...and your background page is stunning!

    stay cool woman!
    I'm needing a glass of water myself!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. So pretty Janet. It's cooler here today too Whew!

  7. I love the color added to your girls, just lovely and that face is way too cute. Isn't Sophie the best, she sent me a little care package that was so nice. I hope you keep cool.

    Ps. so glad you like Lark Rise


  8. Lucky girl getting such a lovely gift.
    I love the vibrancy of your girl...Beautiful
    Stay cool

  9. She is gorgeous from the first picture and with each stage. They are all wonderful stages. I really like that shade of green in the first one.

  10. you are like an art machine... just crankin things out left and right. Very impressive!

  11. My first thought is I like the first one with the lovely green, it looks so soft. But then I love the one with all the color...your loving fickle friend, Mary
    Stay cool, Mary

  12. Do you mind if I copy her, too? She looks so pretty with all of the flower petals! Love your pretty many talented ladies! I always think of you when I mention blogger friends that have inspired me! You are the best! ♥

  13. what a beautiful lavender card! wow! keep cool over there Janet and send us some warm rays heat... we are v sunny clear blue skies but oh so very cold! have a great weekend!

  14. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Hi Janet...that was nice of Sophie to send you those goodies...looks like a lot of useful potential art work. The background looks very interesting on that canvas and I like the color on the drawing...I don't think I would change anything on looks great like it is...

  15. wow for being hot you did alot and its great to. CAnt wait to see the art journal

  16. Love the Keane eyes, Janet. I'm seeing them around a lot now. I liked Keane back in the day and I'm glad to see her inspiration spreading amongst us today. And yes, it is a she. I learned, as did many of us, that it was Margaret Keane and not her eventual ex-husband who was the artist. He took credit for years and she took him to court to gain the rights to her own work. She won.

  17. The collage swap looks like lots of fun! I think being a person who loves to collage has made it even more difficult to toss lots of things while cleaning out Mom's house, on the other hand, I hesitate to clip and tear into them for cut and paste...
    Your WIP's are fun, good progress there!
    I love the colors you are using!

  18. Great mail haul and productivity during your time off! Very nice indeed! Great color!

  19. Janet; LOoking forward to seeing what you will do with that painting. THe color on your drawings looks fabulous! I love color!

  20. Janet, you're a wonderfully creative artist who has a great sense of color and design. Keep making art in that beautiful voice of yours.

  21. I like the colors you used on your lady. Isn't it just the most fun to get good things in the mail?
    Looks like you are real BLESSED.

  22. Hello Friend!
    Your mail was full of delightful blessings and your new creation is
    exquisite! Love visiting and getting so much inspiration from you! Blessings! ~ Katie

  23. I love her, Janet! Both ways!

  24. Janet, I love your little angel-fairy-girl, she has the sweetest face. It would be fun to see her amongst some of your cool backgrounds! Cuz I have a feeling she would be happy in many different places :D Stay cool, girl :D

  25. Janet I think the colour is vibrant and gives your girl life. I love the WIP, the background is amazing, gorgeous colours, can't wait to see the finished painting, let us know how the journalling goes.
    Janet xx

  26. I love the lady, she doesn't look too bright at all (but then I love bright colours!), just fun and summery! And I just love the background of that painting you're working on- it's totally scrummy!


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