Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Girlfriends Day....

Today is the day when all my "girlfriends" get together for a celebration. Queen Bee is hosting this little party so be sure to pop over there to see the other girlfriends.

(Please note I did not pattern these dolls after any of my real life girlfriends!!)

There are five girlfriends in my group and each one is an individual. We had a difficult time deciding on where to get together.

Hortense wanted to go someplace where there were beautiful gardens....

all pics are clickable to view a bit larger

She's rather plain, likes wearing purple, and wisteria is her favorite flowering vine. But Ethel wanted to go see some old European cities.

She likes exploring and looking at beautiful old architecture. Then Gertrude spoke up and said she'd like to go to the beach and play in the water....

Gert is a fun-loving gal and always wears something a bit quirky! And speaking of fun....Mabel is the flirt of the group!

She keeps her hair blond (to hide all the gray!!), wears strapless dresses and loves to flirt with good-looking guys no matter where she is. But she said she needed a day at the spa and time to pamper herself a little bit.

Hermione loves the sun....

She recently spent the whole day out on a sailboat and got quite a sunburn! Before they all left for parts unknown I managed to get them all together for one group picture....

Gotta love those girlfriends!! I had so much fun making these. Give it a try. If you would like to make some of your own Queen Bee has a tutorial here.

Since I don't own a lot of paper punches I just made some templates and cut most of the stuff myself. I do have circle punches and they came in handy. I wasn't able to get too fancy with their clothes but I think they turned out ok.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my girlfriends. They may pop up again now and then.

I'm working on adding color to the first drawing I showed you a few days ago so stop back tomorrow and she should be finished.

It's still "killer" hot here. Stay cool wherever you are and send me some cool breezes!


  1. These are so much fun! Got to love Gert, she made me laugh out loud! Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Cool breezes on the way..they might not be so cool by time they arrive!
    I love these gals. I think they are a combination of you and
    I like Gert too, BTW..that was my nick-name years ago!
    have a great weekend..

  3. These are hysterical! Poor Hermione with the're so clever!! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  4. The girls are delightful! What fun!

  5. Once again, you've wowed me with your imagination and talent!
    Love 'em ~ I could party with these chicks!
    Lemme know when they're social calendar is free...

  6. Your girlfriends are a Hoot!! So glad you shared them with us....Mabel is the one that cracks me up!! I so love that outgoing type!!

  7. Oh you brought such a smile to my face. Thank you to all your friends. That was so cute....

  8. Your girlfriends are adorable...and almost verbatim like fact Hermione is just like the friend we celebrated last night....great much fun!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Great job. Your girlfriends crack me up!

  10. All I can say is YOU ROCK! I just love your girlfriends....what a sexy and funny group of ladies. Great job as usual.

  11. love these gals! they sound like a lot of fun to hang out with, do you think they'd mind if I tagged along next time? ;)

  12. Dear Janet -
    Your girlfriends are absolutely F A B U L O U S! Love how you chose to place them in various scenes! VERY creative! Thanks so much for playing! It's really been fun!
    Thank you so much for all your support!
    Deb at Queen Bee Studio

  13. this made me giggle and if I can find the time... my bffs will soon make an appearence! I love it.

  14. loving the girlfriends, you did a great job, what fun......

  15. oh wow Janet - LOVE these they are so cute and they look great on their favourite backgrounds... what a ripper idea!!!

  16. What a fun post! And your gals are darling! Great stories for each of them too!

  17. Your girl friends are so darn cute and wow I really enjoy the tour as well. :)

    Close you eyes and now imagin a gentle breeze blowing in from across the San Diego Harbor cooling you down. That was how it was all day today very nice for a change while the rest of San Diego was burning up.

  18. How cute are your girlfriends? I'd say very. Fun post and idea.

  19. LOVE them...and the bookmarks too!!!

  20. Kind of like paper dolls....
    not only do the gals show your artistict talents but also lets us see through the eyes of Janets imagination. Loved it!

  21. The lovely women are so cute. Enjoy your time with girlfriends.

  22. How cute! Which one am I? Enjoy your week! Come to the mountains if you want to be a little less hot! ♥

  23. Love your girlfriends Janet, they are so cute and each one has a personality of her own.

  24. I like your beach ladies, they are too funny (I can relate to the sunburned one, my friend just got a nasty one and I just have to show this blog to her : )

  25. These girlfriends are really cute Janet. They remind me of that little guy on tv that advertises for.....oh, maybe some hotel thing.....cant know, the little guy with the pointy hat......travelocity something or other.........anyhow he travels here and there and is always cute and in different places, like your friends. I like your friends!


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