Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mail Call....and Some Art

This is going to be a busy post....I have lots to share with you today. First of all, I got a surprise in the mail from Kathy. Several years ago HB gave me knitting lessons for Christmas and Kathy was my teacher. She is a whiz at knitting and crochet and beading and well, just about anything. Recently she wrote a book about loom knitting and it was published by Leisure Arts. Kathy sent me a copy!!

I love that tote bag on the cover, and just so you don't think this is just all easy hats take a look at this cool hooded vest she designed and made on a loom!!!!

I love this vest! I have a set of round looms and I'm sure I'll be getting some of the other ones so I can try a few of Kathy's patterns. Besides the vest there are hats, scarves, an afghan, a baby blanket, a lace shawl, fingerless gloves and even a Christmas stocking. This book is great! Thank you, Kathy!!!

And if that wasn't enough, the mailman also brought the collages from my swap partner, Mridula....

This one has the words gypsy woman spinning yarn and then the little snippet says daydreams, castles in the air, utopia, airy hopes, fool's paradise, fond hope.

The words written on this one are "welcome to beautiful dreams"....if you recall the collages I sent to Mridula were the Fortune Teller and Golden Daydreams! Isn't it interesting that without either of us knowing what the other was making we both used a gypsy woman and had something relating to daydreams!! I love these collages! Aren't they fantastic???

Mridula also sent me this beautiful photograph of a temple near where she lives. I can't get over all the wonderful colors!!! She also included a couple of pretty tags but I forgot to take a picture of them. Thank you, Mridula. I'm so glad you joined the swap and I'm glad you were my partner.

And then the UPS guy showed up with this package for me....

My old guillotine cutter was getting dull and it wasn't heavy enough to sit without me holding it down when I cut so I ordered this new one along with a tape dispenser for double sided tape. I got both of these at and the shipping that day was only $1.00! I got a deal! I didn't know they had artsy/crafty stuff but they do. And their prices are pretty good especially when you consider that their normal shipping is only $2.95 no matter how big or how small the order is.

And after all that fun mail all I have to show you is another little painting of mine....

This is Penelope....she reminded me of Penelope Cruz for some reason.

I thought I wasn't going to paint any more faces but there she was!

Now I'm going to go play with my new paper cutter and do something fun. I hope you get some time to play today.