Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes It's Just Not That Good....

I had so much fun with the torn paper collage yesterday that I think I might do some more of those today. Michelle has such fun challenges....or I guess I should say crusades!

I've also been working on some more little 5" x 5" canvases. I'm not happy with any of the ones I've done but you know I always show you my "misses" as well as my "hits"....

It's not terrible....it's just "blah"....no excitement or anything. Any suggestions??

This one IS terrible! It wasn't going good to begin with and then at the very last I sprayed some walnut ink over it and that just made it worse. Oh, well, live and learn!

I find it so interesting that purple is my favorite color and yet I seldom use it in my art. When I do try to use purple something always seems to go wrong. I also have very little purple in my home. Most of the purple I have is in my own clothing. It's a good color for me. In my art I use more of the reds and oranges and yellows....all colors I don't wear because they don't work with my coloring.

We're expecting another hot one today so I'm staying in the studio. Maybe today I'll create something better. I did do some other things yesterday but I can't show you yet. I made some little "girlfriends" for Queen Bee's party on Saturday. You can learn more about it by clicking on the button over there on the right side of my blog. It should be fun. See ya there!

Stay cool....or if you're having winter now, stay warm!!


  1. Janet I like the top one, there is so much depth to it. I also can't wear orange but surround myself with it!!! However I like to wear purple and do have it in my home.

    The second one, I might change the top corner, then do some black ink zentangles, using it as background.Or maybe journal over it.
    Or add some more collage to it.....

    Have a great day creating.

    Hugs Giggles

  2. As they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" I like both of these....and I just saw your strip art piece I really like that. I have tried doing what you call (fake writing) and it is very hard for me, I always end up saying SOMETHING.

  3. I actually like the top one but I agree that the second one is a little on the bland side. I think some black line work with help the second one pop??

    I have purples in my bedroom but reds and oranges seem to have crept into the communal areas of the house over the years. I can't wear bright colours but I too love them in art and decor.

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Hi Janet!

    I like what you do. Period!
    You just need to finish it off with some lettering maybe...or some textures...
    but what you did with the purple one is sweet...it's the perfect background for something amazing! keep playing with it!

    maybe because Purple is your favourite colour...you put a subconscious pressure on yourself to make 'it really good'....

    let loose...be janet! okay!

    and thanks again so very very much for your gorgeous pink mail art!
    I just adore it!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. Janet they are lovely but if they are falling short in your eyes then set them down for awhile, sometimes when you look at them days later with new eyes you can find the solution you were looking for!

  6. That's so funny that you say you don't do purples in your Art, cuz what I've seen I really like when you do. However, I really like your oranges/yellows/reds too!! My Faves!!!

    Hey, about the canvases, could you add one word or something? But they look good to me :D

  7. I like the top one. Maybe you could add some more fake writing in the top right if you think it is blah. The second one is fine, I think, but doesn't "pop" like your usual style. But set them aside for a day or two, or turn them around and view them from a different angle. I really do like the square format you have been using. I have the same issues with purple...I like to wear it and have even painted one of my bathrooms purple. But when I try to use it in artwork, it doesn't work for me somehow. I'm going to try some purple tomorrow & see what happens.

  8. It's hot here too! We had a little storm this afternoon with lots of wind. I sat on the front porch till I was getting wet. I love storms!!
    It cooled off a bit, then got more humid!!!!

    I like the first little painting. I know what you mean about using particular colors - I tend to use more reds/oranges/yellows than blue/greens.

  9. Janet I like them both, maybe dip an old toothbrush into some white or black paint and spatter it? I also like the idea of some black line work on the second one.

  10. I like both of them!!!Have fun getting those fingers dirty!!!

  11. what a great crusade... I missed this one! Your misses are better than some of my hits Janet, and I actually like the purple one it looks ok to me!

  12. Janet I think the first one is great and I would do some of your fake handwriting on the purple one.

  13. the top one is fine, perhaps a little pop of colour or black or photo.

    the 2nd one yeah, needs black or general strong tonal change.

    thanks for being brave and showing the misses. we all learn from misses, they're part of the process. perhaps we LEARN more from them than our hits.

    me too with the purple, it's everywhere in my clothing, dashes in my home... but in art... soemthing always goes wrong. funny huh?

  14. I think really Bright purple, blue, or teal will add umph to your top painting. It will pop off the orange!
    I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  15. Your misses are better than mine, that's for sure! I like the top one, I think it just need some of your fake writing or something. I'd leave the second one for a few days and just see what comes into your mind after a break from it. Maybe a contrasting colour to make it pop?

  16. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Stay cool and keep making those cute little collages...I like them both...if you don't like something try adding some doodles...

  17. I really like the orange one. If you want a little pop you could always try some turquoise accents..some dots or splatters. Just a thought.

  18. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Hi, I stopped by by way of Lawendula, I think you took out something that I put in! Your purple is just not finished, it needs more, let it rest fora while and come back to it, or swap it with someone and see what it could become then. I am trying to go back and read some more on your blog, but I'll be back!!

  19. what you think is bad...I like ! sometimes you have to put art away for a few days and the npull it out again to *see*

  20. Whaddya mean blah???!
    If I could do anyone of these I would be a happy camper.
    I bought some small canvases and various paints, water colour and acrylic, with the idea of having another bash at the old art thing. They are still in the bag in the closet...and have been for 7 months.
    I love the top one, the colours are lovely, so vibrant..!

  21. The one you dont like is the one I like the best. It is very vintage looking.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing the Crusade link. I loved it! I do my best not to judge my stuff. Some things I like better than others but if I enjoyed the process, then it's GOOD.

    I'm just a woman enjoying the playtime I've been graced with.

  23. It looks like several others have already expressed my first thoughts. I really like the top one, but a word, or doodle in the upper right corner as it is pictured might be a nice addition.

  24. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Just found your blog yesterday and, "being a woman of a certain age--61 soon to be 62," I love your "stuff." When I find myself not liking a project, I put it aside for a few days, even though, it's in the back of my mind, usually an idea comes--if not, I add glitter or stamp something on it. Keeps life simple! :)

    Showers in my forecast too--great excuse to not clean (can't see the dust as well in cloudy weather), but the OTT takes care of the painting light in my studio.

    Penny in Missouri

  25. I won't give any suggestions; you'll come up with a talented solution, I'm sure. Your work is always polished, and these will become what you want them to be, all in good time...
    Happy Creating ~


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