Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're All Safe!

Whew! What a couple of days we have had....but not as bad as many others. On Thursday afternoon I noticed the smell of smoke in the air and just a little while later this is what we saw from the front of our house....

Very shortly it looked like this....

We were definitely keeping a close watch because this fire seemed closer to us than any others have been in the past. By early evening the sky was very impressive....

And by nightfall you could really see the fire....sorry this next pic is not very good....

I stayed up all night and HB only slept a couple of hours. Around 9:00 PM we got the automated call from the sheriff's department telling us we were in the evacuation area so we had some things packed up and ready by the door. HB backed two of our vehicles up to the garage doors so that if we had to make a quick getaway we could.

By Friday morning the air was thick with smoke and it was beginning to bother me. HB had an appointment that he had to keep so he reluctantly went to take care of it. While he was out he snapped this picture of the sky filled with smoke....

When he got back I was exhausted so I went to bed while he kept watch. I slept through all the excitement! The fire came very close to our neighborhood and HB said there were non-stop helicopters and fixed wing planes flying overhead....he snapped this one....

They were doing water drops and also dropping flame retardant which all must have worked because by evening the fire was pretty much knocked down. This morning we have blue skies and just a little smokey smell in the air.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me and left comments on my blog. All your thoughts and prayers must have worked because we're safe and sound....unscathed. Sadly there were a few homes that were burned but I don't think anyone died in this fire.

I hope everyone is safe and happy today. And I hope no fires or any other disasters happen. Hugs to you all....


  1. Thank God, now I can quit checking here every few hours for an update! So glad you are alright.
    Hope this didn't burn up all your mojo....

  2. Very scary, Janet. This is something that we don't deal with around here--I can't imagine how this would be to experience. Glad to hear that all is well!!

  3. Good grief I have been away from the news for three days as DH had surgery and I was exhausted from everything. I am so glad you are ok. I can imagine the scare you went through. Please stay safe.

  4. YEEEEEHAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh! Janet I seem to remember youin the path of a fire last year. This one looked a bit close for comfort. we had a couple of small fires in the mountains across the valley from us. The fire brigade did a good job in putting them out. It is very dry here now and fires are a big hazard. Maybe someones cigarette butt carelessly discarded.
    Anyway pleased that your all safe and sound.

  6. We saw some of this fire on the national news, it looked awful.
    I know that we all held our breath sence we knew our Janet was in harms way. I am so greatful that you are safe, and your blue sky is a blessing for sure. Stay safe!
    Your, Mary
    Our little Halle Dawn is doing great...

  7. So glad everything worked out and you and hubby are safe and sound. Rest up you need it

  8. What a relief to know you are safe!

  9. So glad to hear that you are okay. It is sad for those that lost their homes, but good no one lost their life. Fires are such scary things.

  10. I just read about the fire (haven't kept up with news the past couple of days). I am so glad to read that you both are safe.

  11. So glad to hear you are safe Janet. Such a frightening time for you!
    Those firefighters deserve a medal as we saw here in Melbourne last year.

  12. I'm so glad you're ok. Kept thinking about you all day.

  13. Janet, do get some rest...Prayers of thanksgiving going up now...

  14. Praise the Lord Janet that you and HB are safe.Hugs Doreen

  15. Getting that close must have been so scary! So very glad you and HB and your home are all safe. Hope the rest of your weekend is peacefully happy!

  16. Thank God. When I heard Palmdale on the news I said my prayers for you.
    Sending love.

  17. OH NO! I'm so glad you're okay and that you didn't have to evacuate. Such a shame for those more severely affected by the fires. Fire-fighters sure do have a massive job during the fire season.

    Stay safe ~ xo

  18. Wow. That is way too close for comfort!

  19. Oh Janet, I am so glad you, HB and house are all fine!! What a scare! Thank God for those helicopters! Just got back from vacation and had to let you know I was thinking of you :)


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