Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I've Been Doing....

I've been absent for a couple of days. It's getting hot here and my mojo is slowing down a little bit. I'm still painting each day and also doing some other artsy stuff.

I worked some more in my old sketchbook....

Did a doodle face. I'll probably add some color to her at some point.

Then I had some bits and pieces of Bristol and cardstock just laying around.

so I put them all out on the work table....

then rolled some different colors of paint over them....

added some stamps and more color....and from there I'm not sure what I'll do with them! It was just fun and maybe they will be background texture for a painting sometime.

I did some more scrappy art postcards....front....I like those wooden shoes!

back....with a mailing label attached.

Then I made a collage using one piece from the ephemera swap I was in at Woven Letters. I used the Raven beer label. It all looks a bit crooked in the photo but it's just because of the angle I took the photo and the way the paper is not laying flat. Believe me....I measured!

The label says the taste of the beer is poetic so that gave me the idea to print out a portion of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe....

I was so upset when I went to glue down the old book page I used as a backing for the poem.... some of the book page tore off along the bottom. It was really old paper and very brittle. But I like the over all result. A little plain but that's ok.

And I'm also reading quite a lot since it's been hot. I just disappear to a cool area and curl up with my book and spend a couple of hours. What have you been doing??


  1. This is what you do when your MOJO is low!! My, I don't even want to think what you get done when your MOJO runs rampant!! Love the face of the girl with the swirls! I am eager to see what becomes of her.
    Stay cool my friend :D

  2. Jan ~
    What a Great, FUN, and Creative idea! I could see this done on several different sized canvas' and then hung together ~ I just love it! Great collage with the EAP label too! You have really been hit with the muse's wand!

  3. boy just like eden said you do alot when you mojo is low, i do nothing when my mojo is low, and its been low lately, loving your stuff, the face is great.

  4. Great Collage Janet, I like the look of it simple or not it is what it is. The scrappy postcards are great. I also liked those scraps you layed out and painted, Such a great idea. Now I want to go play...


  5. those scrappy bits of paper and textured are great.. I will look forward to seeing hwat you end up doing with them. I think the heat affects me too, I get really lazy and hazy in the heat. Enjoy the 'heat' break and reading your books.

  6. I LOVE the doodle face! She's beasutiful. Will you be selling anything with her face on it?

  7. I was so excited that I spelled beautiful incorrectly. :-)

  8. So much fun!
    I actually think the deckle-like edge gives the poem a wonderful antique look.
    And you just keep rocking those sketchbook pages and decorative papers, kid!

  9. I thought I read that you said your mojo was slow?? wow..
    I love old, old paper.. I know what you mean about it being brittle. I collect old books and use the pages often in my collages.
    I have been busy packing and renovating.. moving soon..
    hope you can stay cool!

  10. Lovely work and you have been very productive. Love the "assembly line" style used on the backgrounds. What a great idea.

  11. Nice post Janet. Sometimes it is just fun to putz around and play. I'm better at that than finishing things..HaHa. But you can do both. Love the Raven beer label piece of course. You got a lot of fun things done..very good for a "low energy" day.

  12. The Raven thing is awesome! That of course is my most favorite poem in the world...

    I've been reading a lot lately too - too damn hot to do anything else!!!

  13. LOVE your art Janet. you always inspire me..and inspire my creative 12 yr old daughter too!

    happy day!

  14. Hi Janet,
    Oh, your doodle face is wonderful.
    Hey, what fun painting and stamping those cards look!

    I've been off line for a while, so I looked through your older posts-ohhh, I want to come shopping with you to Michaels.... We don't have one of those stores down here in Aust. Lucky you!

  15. Love how you laid out all the pieces and painted them in one hit, Janet. Lots of lovely eye candy too. When my mojo is low, I do are like the Energiser bunny, you just keep on keeping on. ;)

  16. More good good stuff Janet! Looks like FUN!

  17. Really like your doodle girl with the swirls, and wow you have been keeping yourself really creative even in your low speed.

    Warm Weather? Where?

  18. Janet, you always blow me away, you have done some really good stuff. Love the girl, I will be watching to see what you do with her. We are hot here too. But not bad really, it's in the 90's.
    Have a creative summer! Hugs, Mary

  19. Love seeing your pretty sketches! I got my sketch book out and I am going to try to do a little art every day! I'm reading quite a bit, too! Enjoy your Monday! ♥ It's drizzly rain here...perfect! ♥

  20. Wow Janet, that is when your Mojo is low??? I agree with everyone else, I would love this sort of motivation and energy when my mojo is low.
    Love the idea of doing all those pieces of paper at once for a stash of ideas later on. I can't wait to see how the girl turns out. You have given me a new way to look at my "down" time, thanks

  21. Very fond of your pieces of bristol and of course your mail art rocks! I'll have to try the bristol method. You got good stuff out of that!

  22. Love the turquoise. You are prolific with your art. I have decided that I should move in with you and just follow you around to learn.LOL Did I just see you jump from your chair and lock the door...did I?!!!! Love your work! Aw shucks I couldn't book a flight. BUT NEXT TIME...LOL


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