Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friends and Farmers....

It's been a few days since I've posted. But I've been busy. We're still having lower than usual temperatures....that means we're only in the 90's....and it's been great. I have been spending a lot of time either outside or in the studio.

Yesterday was my dearest, long-time, friend's birthday. Gail and I have been friends for over 50 years! That's a long time! Last year I felt terrible because I mailed out her gift and it never arrived. Someone, some place got a handmade gift from me but it wasn't Gail. Like a dummy I didn't have a tracking number on it so there wasn't much to be done. This year I wasn't going to let that happen again so I made sure I sent it with a tracking number and it arrived safely.

I made three different cards similar to this one....

It looks a little crooked but that's just the way I took the photo. Besides this one I did one more in blue and another one in pink. I used a really old book page for the background. They were all created on junk mail! You know how I love to recycle.

And this collage done on a wood plaque that I bought at the Dollar Store. I sanded off what was originally on it and added my own elements....

Gail likes more frilly/Victorian style things so that's what I tried to do. We are so different in so many ways but she's just like a sister to me.

I also sent her a set of four blank greeting cards I made using this one of my agapanthus photographs.

Today HB played "farmer" and harvested our grapes. We picked a big bowl a few days ago but this morning when we looked out in the yard we knew we had to pick even more.

We only have three grapevines but they produce quite a few grapes for us. One vine does most of the work and the other two sort of straggle along.

Nice! I'll have lots of grapes to munch on!

That bunch was particularly big.

All washed and ready to pop into my mouth.

While we were at it I picked a few apples off one of the trees. The apples don't do so good but I usually get enough to make some applesauce or apple butter.

So now I have to get busy in the kitchen....and you know how much I love that!! Wish me luck!!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow. I finished my pages for Michelle Ward's next crusade challenge.


  1. You've been busy. Grapes and apples ... yum!!! And I love the gifts you made for your dear friend. Send your cool this way!!!!!

  2. Hi Janet,
    I'm sure Gail will be thrilled with her gifts!
    I love the Victorian lady.
    Wow, nearly enough grapes to make your own wine. lol
    Happy creating,

  3. I always worry when I send special gifts in the mail...and how awful that one of your gifts never made it to the intended destination. I'm sure Gail loves what you did because it definitely has a lovely, Victorian feel to it. Great job, Janet.

    Yummy looking grapes!

  4. What a blessed friend you have to receive such special gifts....

    The grapes look sooooo good...wish I had some.....

  5. I'm sure you're friend was very happy with her gifts- so thoughtful! Drooling over the grapes- yum!

  6. Pass the grapes....Please!!! Yummy...lucky you!

  7. The grapes are beautiful! And your art will be perfect for your friend! She will love it! ♥

  8. Love your artwork shared here.
    Wow...those grapes are beauties, kid!
    Munch and paint....munch and collage...munch and draw...
    so many options. :-)

  9. Yummy looking grapes and apples Janet. I'm sure your friend loves her gift, the Victorian card is lovely. And all on junk mail, intriguing...

  10. Janet, Thanks for showing the things you made, next time I post I'm going to send everybody over here so they can see some GOOD photos of the items.....and thank you again, I loved it all.
    Pass the apple pie and pour the tea

  11. oh grapes, I would love to grow grapes one of my favourite foods.Your friend Gail I am sure was thrilled to receive your gift.

  12. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I'm envious...grapes and apples both! The card and plaque are both stunning...I'm sure your friend Gail will be pleased with your gifts.

  13. I love the second collage, its so feminine! We used to grow grapes at my inlaws place, but sadly dont have any here in this house... they do look yummy!

  14. Oh those grape look great. I hsd a grapevine as a child and always have wanted one as an adult. Thanks for the reminder. I bet they taste fantastic. Your cards are lovely I am glad they made it to our friend this time.


  15. My gosh, you have a FARM! Those grapes look wonderful and love the pic of HB picking them. And apples, too! With all that, the books and art, how do you find time to exist?

  16. Yummy!
    Yet another grapeless year for us, the vines have until next year and then I'm getting rid of them and putting new ones in.

  17. Yum!!! Cold grapes and also your very own apples..OH MY. I must rush over and wish Gail a happy un-birthday...Love the gifts you make.
    I haven't been visiting very much, just lazy I think. I love these pictures, they look like you live on a farm...Hugs, Mary


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