Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Mojo is Out of Practice!

Yesterday I showed you two background pages I painted in my art journal. Today I have the somewhat finished product. I say somewhat because I'm not pleased with what I did. I think I was trying to force something to happen and didn't let it just play out.

The background colors of blue and green were so pretty but I didn't want to do anything too "precious" with the pages....that's just not me. Looking through some of my magazine pictures, I found two photos of cobwebs. I liked both of them and they each had a blue/green background. Perfect!

Here's what I did....

Here's the left side page....

And the right side page....

In case you can't read it, it says: "cobwebs are spread across my mind....little bits and pieces get caught in the strands and dangle there waiting for rescue. I scurry along and randomly pick something to focus on but then drop it and move on to the next thing."

I'm not thrilled with this spread. I think I've been away from my art journal for too long and it's difficult to get back into it. But I'll just keep doing pages until I get something I like. That's the only way to get your mojo going again. Practice practice practice.

The bigger piece that I did on the wallpaper cover is still waiting for something. I'll just look at it for a few days until something speaks to me.

If you're in the ATC swap, have you contacted your partner yet? Remember ATCs should be delivered by Aug. 22nd.

Hope you're having a fun day....


  1. Hi Janet,
    Oh yes, I know what you mean about being away for a while and trying to find Mojo again. I'm feeling a bit the same!
    My ATC partner and I have been in contact with each other.
    Thanks for organising the swap.
    Happy creating,

  2. I really like what you did with the pages, Janet! The white writing is nice touch and I can so identify with what you wrote ~ :)

  3. Janet I love everything about these pages!!!

  4. I love the pages, seem a little tame colorwise for you but they are beautiful.

    My swap partner and I have been in contact and swapped addresses. Mine are drawn and waiting for color.

  5. I had to start over, blogger wouldn't take the OpenId way, I'll try name/url. I like this spread...the colors are my favs. Been hot here today...104 degrees.
    the other Mary

  6. I love the cobweb pictures! But will you please stop reading my mind? I have the same cob-webby thing going on, and a ton of different things I keep re-focusing on. I have had quite enough of summer, I think it has cooked what's left of my brain. Your blue/green is just divine!

  7. I'm very impressed Janet!! These pages are really cool!! I just adore the colors(O:

  8. hey i wish my mojo was like yours I love the wallpaper spreads and everything else you have done, as usual great work

  9. this is beautiful! I love that the words flow like the colors of the page.

  10. mridula7:54 PM

    the white color for the writing and the words are beautiful, Janet. Have fun with the ATC and count me in for anything you organize next.

  11. I can totally relate to that, but honestly I can't see anything wrong with those pieces of art. But I love whatever you do! And the writting os super-cool.

    Keep practicing, as you said, it's really the best thing when we feel our mojo is asleep! :o)


  12. I love that writing on the page... its really great.

    I have been in contact with my atc swap partner and she me, and this morning I sent her the atc's... I'm so pleased to do that!!

  13. i love the spider web text page.. it looks fabulous, kinda flows ..
    read a few posts back, fires are so frightening when so close.. it happens here every summer xoxo

  14. Loving your Journal pages, Janet! I am so glad I am your partner for the ATC swap. I am getting some ideas on what I am going to do for the ATCs.
    I am so glad the fire did not get close enough to burn your house. You were in my thoughts.
    I don't know what's wrong with me and blogging,,I just can't get back into it. But I will always visit my blogger friends!

  15. I like them. Cobwebs are Mother Nature's art, and incorporating them into your own art binds you together.

  16. Beautiful work and inspiration..as always :)

    I know you don't accept awards but I still wanted to include you in the blogs that most inspire me and that I want to share with others.


    happy day!


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