Wednesday, August 04, 2010

She's a Work in Progress....

I've barely had time to do any art but I managed to squeeze in some play time today. I don't have a finished product but I can show you something I'm working on....

I started with a picture of a woman taken from a magazine. The face was applied to the cover of an old calendar and then I started painting over the face. I still have to work on the eyes some more, do a little more shading on her face, and do something with her hair....but I'm happy with the progress so far.

The hair color is more true in the first picture....this one shows a bit darker than it actually is. I used an antique gold to lay in the basis for the hair. I plan to add some brown tones and maybe even a hint of reddish brown. Maybe I can finish her later tonight.

Do you ever use magazine pictures for inspiration? I think it's fun. I've tried painting over some pages before but they didn't turn out too good. I'm happy with this one so far.

Today HB and I had to get out for groceries and on the way back we drove over to see how close the fire actually got to our neighborhood....too close! I didn't have my camera with me but you could see the blackened areas very clearly. They seemed to hop scotch over some of the hills nearby. It really makes me thankful that it didn't come any closer.


  1. Hi Janet
    I like the idea of painting over a photo: drawing faces is a bit daunting for me and time consuming so having a nicely proportioned base to start with sounds good to me. The magazine photo in my last journal page was the first one I had used as inspiration.
    I have some magazines with lovely faces in them so I think I will have a play.

  2. wow, thats come out just great! We did a challenge a few yrs back with magazine faces white out, and I've also traced faces from magazines, but never come out this well as yours!!

    we are having the odd fire here too and its still winter, I dread to think what will happen this yr though we have no rain and drought...

    Glad to hear youre safe, any fire is too close for comfort!!

  3. wow, seeing the burnt areas must be a very scary realization.

    and I love seeing your WIPs.Makes me even more excited when you show the finished products!

  4. This looks really great Janet!! So sorry about the fire situation!!

  5. I have never tried painting over a picture. May be a new thing for me, like I need something else to try, we talked about this, right?
    I loved the two blue green cobweb pages, the colors, the words, the pictures, loved it all.

  6. Hey that is really pretty Janet. How fun to try all different kinds of things like you do.

  7. Oh thank goodness that fire was kept at bay! I think it was all the loving energy that kept you and your house safe!

    The girl is wonderful, what a good idea to take a magazine for inspiration. I've not done that! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Good morning Dear friend, I love to look at magazines, they often spark an idea. never thought of doing something like think of so many things to do.
    It will be 101 today..."Hot" not a good things. Idaho is a wonderful and I love it here, but our winters are hard. I lived in southern California and I never thought about winter in the same way. I think because it gets so cold. It is really pretty in the winter, but I do get cabin fever after awhile. The good thing is you have a lot of time for being creative:)
    No more fires...I it came to close but seeing it would be hard.
    Big Hugs, Mary
    I started on the ATC:)

  9. She is beautiful. I am just starting to look through magazines to use the pictures like this. It is always fun to play.

  10. I can't imagine how scared you must have been about the fire!

    I have been looking at magazine pics lately to draw my faces...I like doing that...yours is looking very good!! Keep going!


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