Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art Slump - How Do You Handle It?

Still nothing....I'm continuing on in my deep art slump. I can't seem to find anything to snap me out of it. I'd love to hear from you and know how you handle art slumps when they happen. This one seems to be hanging around, sort of off and on, for the past few months.

And I'm beginning to question my creativity. I know I can "duplicate" just about anything I see. I can draw most things. I can paint most things. I can make a collage, alter a book, do a journal page, I've even dabbled in beading and sewing but none of it has been my own idea. Most of the time I need someone else to show me what they've done and then I can do it.

All the techniques I use come from someone else. All the art I do is done because someone else did something that made me want to try it.

So what does that say about my art? Am I just a copy cat? Is my creativity just a mirror image of what someone else does? And is there really anything that is original anymore?

Lately I've been spending time just sitting at my work table in the studio. I sit and look at all the things I have to make art. I have so much stuff that I could probably make art for the rest of my life and never have to buy another thing. But I seem to do the same old thing over and over and frankly it gets boring even to me.

In the past few years I have taken 27 classes. In fact I recently signed up for number 28 and I've barely even looked at it. I keep thinking that if I learn just one more thing then I'll be able to create something unique and beautiful. But each class, even though they've been great classes taught by really wonderful people, leaves me wanting more. I learn just enough to let me know I don't know anything!!

So what is the answer to creating art? I've always loved color and texture. I've always loved drawing and creating. My big dream when I was younger was to be creative and to be an artist of some kind. But for years I didn't pick up a pencil or a paintbrush. I didn't do anything artsy for a looooong time. Then one day I just began drawing again and I haven't stopped (very often) since then.

But I draw faces from a magazine or I draw something from a book. They aren't from my imagination. When I sit down with a pencil and some paper it's very difficult for me to think of something to draw. Usually there has to be something that I can look at and then I can draw it.

Can you tell I'm frustrated? It's like I'm wandering around inside my brain and all the doors and windows are closed, locked, and have the drapes pulled shut. Is it just part of the creative mind to act like this? Does everyone go through this or am I just weird? You don't have to answer that!!

So, if you've been wondering where I am and what's been going on, now you know. Please don't read this as a plea for praise or compliments....I don't want that. I'm only trying to explain where my head is right now. If you comment I'd love to hear how you handle something like this....or maybe it never happens to you. But please DO NOT leave me a comment telling me how much you like my art!


  1. Hi Janet...I know exactly where your head is, I get like that a lot. But I realized that I am not under contract to anyone, I don't depend on my art to put food on the table or pay the bills, I do art for ME. So if I don't want to do any art for a month, that's okay. I do what makes me happy. Yes I get inspiration from other blogs and other artwork, but then I put my own touches to it and I make it my own, that is not copying, that's being inspired.
    Just are never going to make everyone happy, so if you please yourself, then at least one person is happy.

    Love & Lollipops

  2. Hi Janet, its good to see you my friend. And YES to a lot of your questions but particularly to the one about going through an art slump. I have been going through one too for the last few months. I occasionally make something but not a lot. I have decided to stop worrying about it and just do something when i want to. I was interested in what you said about copying and I agree with Joyce, thats just taking inspiration from other talented people. But i was more interested in what you felt about that and how you yearn to make something original. I think a starting point is to really think about what you love to do in art .... If for example you really love to paint ... then just sit and paint. dont think about it, dont think about anything anyone else is doing ... just put colour down and go with how you feel. The same for drawing. that way you are being honest with your self and relaxing around the mediums and may be inspired again from something that sparks while you do. And you can always use the results as a background if you really dont like what happens.
    Hope you feel more upbeat again soon my friend
    hugs June xxxxxx

  3. I so know this frustration. I've been there, especially with questioning my originality. Loved Joyce's reply, because that is something I could really take to heart- the enjoyment should be more important than the originality. And even if you get ideas from other blogs and from classes, you put your own touch on them which makes them yours.

    When I'm in a slump, or uncertain of what direction to take, I often try to get in a few days of stream of consiousness writing (at least three pages each time). I usually hit on the problem and possible solutions pretty quickly that way. Just an idea.

    Hope you find some way to get out of the slump soon, we miss you around here. And if you do want to add to your stash, there's a giveaway over at mine at the mo :)

  4. Hi Janet,
    I think all artists go through a lul time/loose their mojo!

    I normally walk away and do something else like sewing or spring cleaning. I've heard a de cluttered home makes for a de clutterd, creative mind.

    I also go on outings, take lots of photos and use them for inspiration or go through my old photos and find inspiration there.
    That's definately not copying if its your own photo.

    Live Joyfully-it'll come to you!

  5. you are not alone. believe me i understand where you are coming from. you have a creative mind. only a creative mind is always looking for more, more to learn, new techniques, new ideas, you name it we are never satisfied. i use to think i was wierd until i worked in the studios of an internationally known artist. then and only then did i find people like me. so you are not alone in your frustration. you are in the right place. keep blogging and visiting other artist/crafters.

    some good meds always help, too.

  6. Maybe it's a case of getting too much input from external sources to the point where you are feeling overwhelmed and feel like you have lost the sense of your own artist self? We all go through slumps so try not to beat yourself up over's normal. Quite often, I look around the house or outside for something to draw and, quite often, I end up drawing nothing because I feel like I can't commit my artist self at that particular point in time. I may get agro at myself later but then, I quickly realise that tomorrow is another day.

    I tend to just go with the flow...if I want to draw/paint, I do it...if I don't feel inclined to draw/paint, then I don't do it. There is no set criteria that must be followed or adhered too.

    In relation to 'copying'...we are all inspired by what we see, by other artists, by new techniques but that doesn't mean you are a copier. Your work is still your's not a copy of another artist's piece of art although it may have been inspired by them. I, for one, am impressed with your creativity and the wonderful pieces you have created, Janet. I don't look at it and think..."Hey, that's a copy of someone-else's art!" I see YOUR art!

    You don't have to draw/paint from your imagination to be a true artist either. Many well known artists draw/paint only people/subjects/landscapes that they see in life or in photographs....the artistic rendition of the life subject may vary but the subjects themselves are not from the artist's imagination.

    If you are feeling lost at the moment, try to doodle or sketch subjects around the house. This is purely an exercise for yourself in keeping the artistic energy doing so, it may encourage a new burst of creative energy. may just need a well-earned break!


    Serena xo

  7. Hi Janet
    I can empathise with you. I have been there myself, going for a year without picking up a brush or pencil. I was so burnt out I needed the break. Sometimes your brain just needs a breather. I think we can sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves to keep 'producing' that we become overwhelmed - well that's how I was at the time. I put everything away and did completely different things, I read books that had been on my shelf to read for ages, I went for lots of walks, I cooked new and unusual meals ( i love cooking though), i tried knitting, beading, went to see more movies than usual or if I felt like it, nothing crafty at all; I just did other things other than painting and drawing with no end result in mind, and I didn't let myself feel guilty for it either. I planned different outings by myself or with friends and family for no other reason than just because. Like Anna, if I took photos then well and good, so I could use them later, but it wasn't my purpose to go out and find 'arty' photos.
    As for the copying, I also went through soul searching on this and you know what, I don't think there is an artist alive that could draw a portrait without getting inspiration from something. Like the girls have said, its the individual touches that you add to the techniques that you have learned that make it yours. After all a teddy bear is a teddy bear no matter how you interpret it. No-one has the copyright on a subject, or technique for that matter, it is all in the interpretation of it. By the time you have added your different techniques and mediums it is yours.
    Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you are not on a deadline or a quota, you do art because you want to not because someone told you to or because they expect it from you. Most of all we don't expect anything other than what you are ready to give.
    Think of it as a chance to try something new, it could lead to a whole new direction in your art. Refresh and renew in your own time.
    Love and ((hugs))

  8. You know Janet there are some smart cookies who read your blog and the individual comments that they have left all make sense.
    I know where you are coming from my friend-I have the same problems but because I dabble in a variety of different things I get bogged down with not knowing which one to choose so I don't do anything.I stare at the mess on my table I sort out safety pins I wind the tangled ends of the threads back onto the reels of cotton-mindless stuff.Eventually I work it out and then there is a mad rush to do something that has a deadline.
    About copying things--Janet we all have to get inspiration from somewhere we need ideas and to me that is ok as long as you don't copy exactly what you have seen.Van Gough copied the beautiful gardens in England and they really didn't look exactly like his paintings but we love them just the same.
    I sometimes make something that I say is my own idea but to be truthful it has all started because I saw something somewhere which has inspired me to create it-not the same but I know where the idea came from.
    I think I have waffled on enough--if you want to talk my friend you know where I am.

  9. I don't know one creative soul who hasn't been through an art slump.

    In my case, I usually force myself to create something, no matter how bad it turns out. And most times, it sparks an idea. I also listen to a lot of different music, watch different types of movies and read a wide variety of blogs to find inspiration in one way or another.

    Like the others have said before me, you are not a copycat. We all have to start somewhere and sometimes, that means reproducing what we like from other artists. As long as you put your personal touch on it, it's not copying. Like your "doodled hair" in the last painted ladies you did. THAT is your personal touch.

    No one is forcing you to do anything or post anything. If this situation makes you unhappy, change it. Do what makes YOU happy and we'll be right there, beside you, being happy for you.

    Be well my friend.

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. Pull out your yarn and crochet and knit ... that helps me...

    Please yourself and have FUN!!!!!

  11. You know how I feel about your I don't have to tell you! But I know how it feels to be frustrated. WALK AWAY! heehee! Do something totally different like knitting or reading a book! Just give it a rest and you will be refreshed and ready when you go back! ♥

  12. oh I Love your art Janet....oops I wasnt allowed to say that was I but to answer your other Q's.. if I didint 'copy' the ideas of others I can tell you straight that my blog would be empty!!! well or it wouldnt exist! We all need inspiration, and maybe youre just needing that break from the blog and art that your brain is telling you to do. I barely do anything these days compared to how much I was doing a year or two ago and with a lot of passion, nowdays I do some but definately not with the same passion.I too have so much stash its not funny and yet it sits there sometimes looking at me and makes me feel guilty that I'm not using any of it!

    hope all the comments here from us all make you feel that we all go thru this, and if you ever hear me saying the same thing down the line sometime, then please remind me of this!

    I will be just as keen to read about your other creative adventures here whatever they are while youre waiting for your art streak to return!!
    hey did I mention that I liked your art?? lol... take care Janet and go with the flow of your creativity. hugs krisse from winterwood.

  13. Yes, are WEIRD!! Ha, bet you didn't think you'd get that response!!!

    Girl....don't sweat it....just let it all will find your mojo and man are you BLESSED!!! I know what you mean though about being a copycat, really...dig deeper girl....something is trying to tell you something...something you've put off....that's what I'm thinking....especially because you say you're BORED.

    I'm posting tomorrow morning about inspiration and in my research today I came across this post. I thought it was interesting. See what you think.

    I have total and complete TRUST that your mojo is playing a little game with you and you'll be back to being your CREATIVE SELF in no time :D

  14. Hi Janet, I enjoyed your post and you are no different than any of us except your stash might be bigger than some.
    It sounds like you are going negative Nellie on yourself because you don't see something in your minds eye and prefer to look at reference. I think starting with reference material is a great jumping off place. Then just let your imagination take over and follow. Think about Klimt. You know he had great models to start with; however, I'm sure they did not have those wonderful gowns with the flowers and all the designs that flow through so much of his works.
    Here is what I do. When I am not inspired (in an ART slump), I get prepared. I look through magazines and clip stuff for my reference files or I get out substrate and collage text papers on it for backgrounds. Then I might add some paint. All these are mindless exercises and while I am in the mindless state, I listen for those little "what ifs" that happen. The "what ifs" are inspiration and after a few float by, I find myself grabbing one and feeling excited and inspired and then I "do it". Or get it started while I'm still listening for another "what if" to fly with.

  15. sometimes taking a break is good and me i like your art

  16. This has happened to me..for sure..I think my current rest is because of the season change..I feel like cleaning and and getting ready for some huge snow storm..but it will pass..and slowly I will sit back down and find a groove.

    I have all the supplies too..but it's painting I feel passionate about. I have to focus and concentrate on painting because even though I have the supplies for everything else, I realize that feeling the need to make something other than a painting is just a passing feeling...and I will return to painting soon. I discipline myself..most of the time too much.

    Don't put too much pressure on ourself to make something in particular. You are creative...I really think that's all you need to know. You can do what you want when you want it. :) Don't feel obligated to label yourself.

  17. I too, like most of us experience "slumps" I have been in one myself for a while now and thinking the same as you, I want to come up with something different and unique that no one else has done. I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible. It is not copying if you are inspired by another artist as you always add yourself to your work, and I am talking about all artist myself included. I enjoy creating and do it for myself and for the enjoyment I get from it. If something I do sells that is a bonus to me and makes me happy that someone else enjoys it also.

  18. I know that all artists get their inspiration from other artists--this is how they grow. BUT I know how you feel about not being original--it can get fustrating when you have ideas in your head, but can't get them out onto a surface. I think Sharon had some great advice--just play around with different elements and start saying "what if".
    Get all of your art materials out and just do stuff--don't make "a piece of art"--just start playing around, and yes, keep getting inspiration from other artists--this is what we ALL do-but mix it up and put your own spin on it.
    And as far as the dreaded Art Slump--it's bad when it happens--but it does happen to all of us, no matter what our particular art is. I don't give in to it--I'll do anything until something clicks--I hope that we're helping you here, Janet--we most definitely know what you're going through!

  19. I know that all artists get their inspiration from other artists--this is how they grow. BUT I know how you feel about not being original--it can get fustrating when you have ideas in your head, but can't get them out onto a surface. I think Sharon had some great advice--just play around with different elements and start saying "what if".
    Get all of your art materials out and just do stuff--don't make "a piece of art"--just start playing around, and yes, keep getting inspiration from other artists--this is what we ALL do-but mix it up and put your own spin on it.
    And as far as the dreaded Art Slump--it's bad when it happens--but it does happen to all of us, no matter what our particular art is. I don't give in to it--I'll do anything until something clicks--I hope that we're helping you here, Janet--we most definitely know what you're going through!

  20. I hear ya! Your description sounds like mine... I can do "okay" by copying others, but where's the beef, where's the originality. Where's my voice? I don't seem to have one.

    I don't have any solution either.

    I appreciate you sharing your 'dilemma' because I can so relate to it.

  21. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Hi it has been said, there is nothing new under the sun. We all get our ideas from others and make it our own...that's not being a copy cat. Read Dawn take on a similar topic:


  22. Having spent most of my adult live in government and politics, playing like this is still so so new to me. I don't try to find the original because I know that whatever I 'copy' will have my own touch on it and those who see it will see the 'me' in it.

    "I learn just enough to let me know I don't know anything!!" Isn't this the basic truth of life?? the more we know, the more we see that that tunnel gets wider and wider at the end. We do know stuff but we realize there is so much more out there.

    When I get bored with me, I clean up and out (despite the temptation to get MORE stuff!) and take care of myself. Eat foods I love, watch movies or tv dvds (movie therapy my friend calls it), and get outside more. I'm lazy , oh trust me on that, but I find that exercise (ugh!) really makes me feel better and when I feel better I'm willing to try and Just Play. What happens, happens. I expect little and I'm usually happily surprised.

    I also don't have to make a living with this play so I am blessed.

  23. I think what you described happens to all of us at one time or another. I can only relate what personally happened to me when I felt I lost all creativity. The more "stuff" I have obtained, the less and less I felt able to create. It became kind of a visual overload if you will. I pulled out a bunch of my older collages and stuff from 10 or more years ago. I realized I liked them so much more then, back when I had much less to work with. Right now I am in a huge creative slump, because of all the reasons you mentioned, but also, I am in physical pain most of the time and unable to do much. I have returned to just reading, an actual novel instead of art books. Also have returned to some simple embroidery pressure, just what I can manage to do. I also have sworn off buying any of the Somerset publications for the foreseeable future. Those just seemed to add to the visual overload and confusion I was feeling.

  24. Yep, I can tell you are frustrated. Can't blame you....creative people need creative outlet. Without it, we get very moody (that's been my experience anyway).

    When I am in that slump, I give myself permission to not create a darn thing....allowing my brain have it's vacation. I've found that if I stress about it, the pressure I put on myself makes it worse. Since I'm an avid reader, I just sit and read during during the time I would normally be creating.

    Hang in there.

  25. I usually handle artist blocks/slumps by reading a book; it can be anything, including children's books, which are often a great source of inspiration-- or I'll read a novel and picture how to draw illustrations in the book and imagine what the characters look like. This often sparks things for me.

    OR, I will go completely left-field, and just start drawing/ something abstracted, just reveling in texture and color and shapes and not even worry about it trying to MEAN something to myself or anyone else.

    Another thing to do is to take a sketchbook to a zoo or aquarium if there's one nearby, or with me on a walk with a view-finder. :-)

  26. About blogging...I think often we feel like in order to stay in the mix we must create. And if we have nothing to share we try to hard for Mr. Creativity to come to the rescue. I come as a crafter, and I get very bored if I can't make something. And 75% is an idea that I saw or heard about, and then I put my own spin on it.
    Art is a state of mind with a mix of talent...I cannot draw or paint because I do not see anything that anyone else would enjoy. Is that a good reason for me not to paint?
    I watched a show the other night, it shared art from the people who just worked in color, with shapes and lines that ment nothing to me.
    But they had names like dancing doll, or frustion in blue. People paid big $'s for these.
    So I guess you might say I like art that say's something.
    You are looking for what will be yours alone, and I understand that.
    If ten people painted the same tree, it would not look the same, they would all see it and put paint to canvas and they would all be different.
    Those of us who have come to love you and your blog...we hear your voice, we love your story, and if you never painted another thing, we would come for you dear friend, Hugs, Mary I haven posted in ages.

  27. I too can totally related with you all too well, so many times I often find myself in a slump not knowing what or when to begin with my art, I get tired doing the same thing over and over and over again...I also get inspiration from other artists not just from blogs, but as well as going to art fairs, and through some my artist friends offline...I get so burn out drawing the same old art stlye all of the time such as my cartoons, I been cartooning for many years and take many months from cartooning to moved on to something else, like recently I been getting back into abstract drawing, mostly because not every abstract comes out the same, in abstract art I can let myself go, no rules to follow and of course no one to copycat either however I don't call it coping others art work I look at it as inspirational, to give me ideals and I know I am not that great of an artist when comes to trying to copying someone's elses art work, basically it'll never happen with me due to my level of art experinces, but I like my level of experinces just the way my art stlye is.

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  29. All artists go through this at some time or another, but it passes. You take good photos, so now it's cooled off a little outside, why not go for a drive, walk, whatever, and take some photos, and then come home and do an artist's interpretation on them. It would be all your own work.
    I'm so sorry I didn't get here yesterday to wish you a Happy Birthday Janet, but you were in my thoughts all day. I hope it was good, and HB spoiled you.
    Love and big hugs

  30. Hmm...that is unfair that you say we can't tell you how much we like your art! I just read on some blog somewhere about how nothing we create is really "new", it is how we interpret life around us and put it to the page in our new way.

    But, I know how you feel, 100%. I just re-emerged out of a deep art slump as well. It lasted pretty much on and off for about 3 months. It sucked. I questioned everything you question. I still have the problem with feeling original. I, too, have problems with just sitting down and creating. I, too, need to be inspired by others work to be able to create my own.

    I go back and forth on this, but everyone needs inspiration in order to create. And, unless you are directly trying to copy someone's work, I'm not so sure that it is a problem. I think most people take bits and pieces of inspiration from others, and create something their own.

    If I'm wrong, I am not an artist or creative.

  31. Oh, I read the comments after I posted mine...I guess I am a little redundant :) Also, what I did (after I beat myself up) was allow myself to not feel guilty for not creating. I read books, cuddled my kitty, went out and took pictures. I avoided art blogs, because they just made me feel worse. Then, one day, I felt like looking at one of my favorite blogs...and oh, the inspiration hit! I would say just try to put less pressure on yourself, because it really does make you feel worse, and the art slump gets deeper. Only once did I let go, relax, did it come back.

  32. Hi Janet
    I can feel your frustration and feel for you. I have felt this way a lot over the years - felt my art wasn't original or special enough. Then pulled myself up and reminded myself that I create art for myself and because it is part of me. I think we all incorporate aspects of other's art into ours. It is a natural (and often subconscious) thing. I have never thought your art was a copy of anyone's elses though!
    Be gentle with yourself while you are feeling like this. When I lose my mojo I do something easy like knit a scarf or immerse myself in a good book. Or visit lot's of other art blogs and get inspiration from them.
    Sending lots of love your way.
    Dot xx

  33. Hey Janet, just read thru all the comments, and you know everyone has these moments, but somehow we get by. I like what joyce says , we dont do it for living we do it for us...So what you look at a book or magazine, doesnt everyone, your drawings are uniquely yours, I would know them in a minute, and that is a compliment. I would hope someone would like at mine and say lee did that. Your paintings and collages are yours, nodoby else thought these up. Had the same paper, or paint, or decided what to put in it.
    Dont get depressed, I know we all do but we get out of it. Dont force yourself to make art when your not feeling it. I have been doodling in a lined book in the living room watching tv, writing down things I want to do, making doodles but I am making art, maybe noone will ever see it but I did it.

  34. Janet, we sound like two peas in a pod. I'm going through this issue as well. Actually, at least you can draw something out of a book. You beat me on that. I'm in a place of reassessing my life and trying to figure out what kind of artist I am. It's a work in progress.

    To get my creativity going, I'm thinking of doing a pull a word out of a hat assignment. Each day, I'll pull a word out that could be any part of speech. That may spark improvisation and getting the ink to paper. Consider trying to that.

    Also, I have been reflecting on what message I want to relay to the world. I am a happy individual on most days, so whatever works I do create, I want that main message or feeling to resonate. Who are you Janet? What do you want to show the world?

    If none of that works, I think a retreat may be needed. That may help us both get out a slump.

    I hope that helps.

  35. Well, have I ever been there -- especially in that spot where you feel everything you do or "create" has come from someone else's idea. And I agree with what Joyce said -- you start somewhere else, but adding your own touches does make it yours, not copying.

    Let's talk technique, since you don't want us to tell you that you are a good artist. Part of being a good artist is good technique, and those 27 classes have served you well. You've learned to work with a variety of materials and the way in which you do that brings you something that is your own. Just because you haven't figured out something new and creative to make from -- what? A melonballer, just for grins -- doesn't mean you aren't mastering the techniques you've learned and applying your own colors, vision, use of stencils, etc. Technique is a huge part of being an artist and you have far more than most of us do.

    Now, about that muse -- give her a vacation. I'm convinced she will return when you are ready to have her back. When you've opened up to being ready for her. And if you want her.

    I'm pretty sure you want her. So just accept you are having a slump and go do things that may inspire you SOMETIME. Take a walk and really observe things. Write down ten words related to art and close your eyes and point to one. Do that word or use that material.

    In "Pretty Little Things" (Sally Jean Alexander) she has an exercise for making collage papers but it applies to other things. She writes down bunches of words for all the supplies or techniques she has -- paint, charcoal, drawing, whatever -- and draws them one by one. She makes her collage by adding whatever she picks, but you could use it for inspiration, too.

    Thing is, you might need a break. You're one of the most prolific women I know (I won't call you an artist because I think you'd be offended, but in my heart, that's what I'm thinking). You are entitled to a break for as long as you need.

    I'm done now! (Grin!)

  36. Anonymous7:28 PM

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  37. Anonymous7:28 PM

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  38. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I have so many different artful outlets...and when i'm turned off of one, I switch to another...that's why I do so many different things. I get bored very easily...maybe you should venture outside your personal comfort zone and try something new, something totally different.... it might open the door to a new avenue of creativity for you...or simply infuse you with new inspirations!
    I am a visual person, need to see colours, patterns, things that make me tick in order to fuel me onto other new works of art...however, that being said, I find that I can become overwhelmed with external influences and input sources..especially when I blog hop or read too many books. It can be easy to loose your own internal sense of creativity...and instead of generating your own thoughts, it becomes easier to ride on duplicating or expanding on others' productions.
    I take a break when I find that I'm loosing my own personal artistic voice...and take the time to tune into what really makes me happy, what makes me inspired and tick, creatively speaking!
    I think it's good for all artists to take a break now and again...take a step back and really look at what we have been producing....and to make goals ... projectively looking at where we want to take our artful expressions!

    I hope you take all the time you need....I will certainly be here, no matter how long it takes for you to find your creative voice again!

    ciao bella


  39. Anonymous7:33 PM

    sorry about my comment clutter... it posted three I deleted two of the comments...

    weird! huh!!!

    ciao bella


  40. i struggle with this too.. oh how I do!! I cannot even call myself an artist..
    And I'm beginning to question my creativity. I know I can "duplicate" just about anything I see. I can draw most things. I can paint most things. I can make a collage, alter a book, do a journal page, I've even dabbled in beading and sewing but none of it has been my own idea.
    I don't have an answer.. but maybe just walking away from it.. go walking.. I am working through Walking in this World by Julia Cameron.. walking helps xoxo
    ps - those classes and groups.. oh i have tried that too.. but all it seems to do is make the teacher rich!!
    come walking with me!! tell me about what you see in your part of the world, who knows, that walk may unlock something for you xoox

  41. I have slumps all of the time. Lately I have been having a lot of hand problems so my slump is about the not having the ability to do, however another type of creative endeavor has taking over. I guess it is true the blind man hears more.
    And as far as copying, artists do use models and vignettes to draw from so I wouldn’t worry about the imagination part, as you draw you add your imagination to the art you are creating.

    What I do when I am in a slump:

    1.Travel……I find this is a great way to get inspired. It doesn’t have to be far away or for a long time. A day in Boston can work wonders for me.
    2. Movies………
    3.Take photos …Lots of close ups

    And sometimes we just need a break.


    I think your petal ladies are yours and yours alone.

  42. Sounds like you may need a spa day to was away the blues.

  43. Hi Slumpy One !
    You know, all art is a "copy" of something else - nothing is completely new and it is all influenced by others. There is nothing wrong with that ! I think the most important thing is that you start making art that fills you up first ! That may be in the process of making it and not always the end result too. The fact that you take time to create, to feed your artist soul in some way is what is most iomportant, I think - not whether what you produce it "worthy" of praise from somewhere.
    Slumps happen because we need to change something, I think. I hope you find something wonderful at the end of it. Let that artist in you guide you, Beautiful One !


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