Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best Laid Plans....

Hi everyone....the slump continues. And not only that, when I did try to do something this morning, I completely screwed it up! While searching through some things I found one of my art journals and sat down to look at it. Mostly this is a book where I have pasted in some papers, some wallpaper, and not much else. I thought that if I could just add something to one of the pages it might help.

I found a page that had some pretty papers and a small leafy picture already on it. Looked good but there was a big blank spot at the top where it needed something.

I searched my images and found the perfect thing....cut it out, grabbed a jar, thinking it was my gel medium, and began to attach the image. I had some trouble with it and so I applied more "gel medium" quite liberally. Then I set it aside to dry.

Walking into the kitchen for a drink of water I noticed I had white stuff all over my fingers. I thought that was strange because I hadn't been painting anything. I got my drink and headed back to the studio expecting to see my page all dry and pretty only to discover that instead of gel medium I had used gesso!!!! The entire image was ruined!

And I love that deer head. Lucky for me I had scanned it into my computer so I can print out another one....but this was the original that I used. I thought the page looked so good when I was testing it. Ah, the best laid plans....

On the same note of trying to get something going creatively, I have joined a free group/class. Yes, I said FREE! It's called The Heart of Art. If you are not familiar with Tam over at Willowing & Friends then go over there and join up. Tam offers several classes (not free) and has a big following. I have one of her classes on DVD and enjoyed it very much. Maybe this group can get me going again.

Now I'm going back to my work table and I'm thinking of making some HUGE labels for my gesso and gel medium! I still can't believe that I did that....

EDIT: I just found the button to take you to Tam's free group and have added it to my sidebar.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Hi Janet! thanks for stopping in to see me...I was on my way around blogland..and you were on my list of hits!

    even though it was a blunder, and not what you envisioned, I still think it looks great...like something that was hidden under a plastered wall that has been scrapped away and unveiled after hundreds of years of being covered over!

    ah, the mystery of it all!

    I got the heart of art email too...the free class does sound interesting, I've never taken a class and feel intimidated i guess! but I love tam and her art...her videos are so full of fun and personality!

    hope you enjoy it...and yes, i'm sure it will help the artspark to come alive within you!

    ciao bella


  2. Just remember this: Mistakes are opportunities in disguise! Time to look at that boo boo and make it intentional!

  3. Ah, I love your deer head, even if it does have gesso on it. Don't be so hard on youself. That was a pretty gutsy move anyhow, to use the original of a favorite piece. I'm still uncomfortable when I do that.

    Is the free art class open to anyone, or just those that have taken her paid classes? I could use a free art class if it isn't too strenuous.

  4. Oh Janet I do understand this. I hope this won'e deter you too much. I often spillthings on pages that are already done. So I have been there. Take the mess as an opportunity to begin again...

  5. Sorry Janet, I have done similar things myself. Let it sit and who knows it may inspire you to still do something with it. It really doesn't look that bad.

  6. Now that is something I would do! I hope you don't give up on the page, knowing you you'll make it work and become even better than PLANNED!!

  7. Oh my, that must have been so disheartening. I think you can still rescue it though, somehow. It may take you in a different direction than you had planned, but there's an opportunity for something totally fresh there. Have fun with the art class. Would have loved to join myself but have joined up for 21 secrets so will be busy with that one soon. Shame!

  8. OOPS! I am glad to see (NOT REALLY) that there are other creatures out there goofing up. I was sitting sewing beads on a project and decided to get a cup of tea. Went to set my project on the table and oops I had sewed my project to my pants. lol

  9. Hi Janet,
    Oh dear, Lurve the deer head, and your page~so glad you saved it on your computer.
    Maybe it happened for a reason?

    Thanks for the link to Tam, I'm going over there now.
    Happy days,

  10. Hi Janet
    I have had some things happen that I thought were disasters at the time but in the end gave me something new that I hadn't thought of although sticking some of my journal pages together never to be seen again was heartbreaking but hey I learnt that modge podge turns to super glue if it is heated with an iron. LOL.

    Enjoy your class

  11. I am going through a desert of creativity too Janet.. I so want to create something in my journal but it just doesn't happen.. I think I have to just sit with it and ride it out... sit with me :) xo

  12. Oh dear Janet!
    I an see why you were so disappointed, but I can see the funny side too. That is something I would have done!
    Enjoy your new course, it will get you going again I'm sure.

  13. THat is a shame Janet. Keep at it...it will start flowing again for you. :)

  14. At least you are still posting to your blog, which is more than I've been doing..this has been one of those going in to many direction periods for me.You know where you start one thing and then something else, and etc. I think what some of the others said, that this could
    turn out better than you thought.I
    checked out the free class thing,put her on my favorites, see where that leads.

  15. I'm glad that you have the deer head scanned, so you'll be able to use it again in the way you want. You must have been so disappointed! I don't think I ever mixed my medium and gesso, but I many times I used a brush that I thought was clean and messed up an almost finished painting... I guess then you take a deep breath, say a few words, and work around it. Thank you for the information about the class.

  16. Hi Janet, Sorry to hear about your slump. I hate it when they happen to me! Sometimes, what works is to do something totally different. Maybe paint on fabric or wood. I know you've done a very wide variety of media so I can't begin to suggest anything. Change of venue is what works for me.
    Thank you for the link to Tam. Her site is amazing and so much fun. Ihope things open up for you soon.

  17. I posted today, you will enjoy seeing DJ's ATC's...summer and fashion.
    I really have not been up for blogging, but I will try to get back.
    I hope this little BOO BOO will not stop you from getting back in the art you love so well.
    You might show how you are feeling within your art...
    Happy Fall! Your, Mary

  18. You are WAY too hard on yourself. You are so talented, you only need a little time off and you'll be back. I think your page is lovely. But I know exactly how you feel. I do the same thing every time I do something! Hang in there! xo

  19. Hello Janet! here for a little peek!! at your blog after all this time............Hugs from Lee-Ann


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