Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Day After....

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my birthday post. I had some really great emails (you know who you are!) lots of cards and e-cards, and both my kids phoned me so it was a beautiful day.

HB outdid himself this year when it came to my birthday cake. He found the perfect, decadent, "killer" cake. Three layers of chocolate cake....chocolate frosting....bits of brownies and walnuts scattered across the top....and chocolate glaze over that!

I think I was in a sugar coma after the first bite! It was soooooo good! I saved some for you, too. I've got the tea kettle on so come on over.

A few days ago I got a birthday package from my long-time, best friend, Gail. She always sends me the best gifts....they're always so personal and so thoughtful. She has a real knack for making me feel special. Here's what was in my package this year....(sorry about the messy work table in the background!)

I love it all! And that flower seed ad couldn't be more perfect!

Here's a close-up of the little bottle she made....I had it turned the other way in the photo above so all you could see were the ribbons....

It has little strips of paper inside with messages printed on them....and it's PURPLE!! Wonder why she chose that color for me!! :-)

She used one of my doodles for this wall plaque....I love the added jewels and the purple background. Thank you, Gail!!


I think I might be slowly coming out of the big art slump. I've been trying some of your suggestions and they seem to be working. I'm taking baby steps but I think I might be getting back into the swing of things. I watched a couple of videos late last night and got the urge to get my hands dirty with some paint. So don't be surprised to see me popping up around Blogland. I think my self-imposed exile is almost over.


  1. i'm anxious to see what you create.

  2. So glad to hear you had a good birthday. That cake seems so decadent (I'll be right over!)!
    And what a fabulous pressie from your friend! Great stuff!

    Glad to hear you may be returning with some art soon. Can't wait to see what you get up to!

  3. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday...this packing has me crazy!!!

    Glad to see you had a wonderful day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Sorry I'm late...but how sweet of you to save me some cake! And I must really DO look marvelous! WOW! What a beautiful and talented lady you are! Enjoy your day! Love your gifts! ♥♥♥

  5. my next birthday you two are invited if your hubs PROMISES to find me that cake! divine!

  6. What lovely, thoughtful gifts Gail sent you. Amd that cake! OMG....yum.

  7. O, that cake looks so delicious and rich. Chocolate lovers heaven. I bet a little went a long way. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  8. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Sorry...I didn't check your blog earlier...haven't been blog surfing much lately. Happy belated birthday!! The cake sounds very decadent...and yummy! Gail's gift is a treasure, for sure. Glad to hear you are getting unslumpified...eager to see what you come up with...

  9. Happy belated birthday Janet!! Sounds like you were truly celebrated!!
    Big hugs,

  10. What great gifts you received! And so personal too.
    That cake looks insane! I don't think I could take more than one bite.
    Glad to see you're getting your groove back. Like you said, baby steps...

  11. love the bottlel, and went in really close to see the other stuff, all great. The cake, looks very good, I will be right over

  12. Oh Janet I am so sorry that I missed your birthday -well I really should say "I missed the cake".---anyway I hope you has a great day.

  13. omg, I was thinking of you this week, and here you sneaked your birthday in, and I missed it.

    I hope you will have a wonderful birthday year. Next year I will not miss your special day.

  14. What a thoughtful and special friend you have. Such a lovely birthday present!

  15. I feel so bad about missing your birthday -- well, that gives me lots of time to make it up! That cake looks to die for!


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