Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beatrice, the Bird Girl....

Hey, everyone....I haven't posted in several days 'cause I've been busy in the studio. Remember I won that gorgeous, huge journal a little while back? I finally officially christened it! I had lightly sketched some faces in it right after I got it so I wouldn't just keep avoiding it because it's so nice. I know me!

So a couple of days ago I actually began putting some paint on one of the sketches. For some strange reason I was (and still am) drawn to the little bird girl sketch. She just looked so different from all the things I usually do that I wanted to work on her first.

As you all know, I don't like painting hair! I can never get it to look like what I want so I use other methods like doodling to fill in the hair. This time I used dots. I've been reading and looking at Aboriginal art which uses a lot of dots. So I was inspired by that but didn't want to do an entire dot painting....maybe some other time. So I filled her hair with dots.

She has great big eyes so she can see where she's going as she flies through the clouds. Unfortunately they don't show up in the photos! I used a very light touch and put some clouds in the background....they look good in person, just don't show up here.

I had to use a big office clip on the upper corner of the page, to keep the page opened....and you can see my messy work table! I love this journal even though it takes up a lot of space on my table! I much prefer working bigger rather than smaller. I think this journal is going to be so much fun to fill up....but it will take me quite a long time!

Here's a little side note about her name, Beatrice. When I was a little girl I was reading a book where the character's name was Beatrice. I asked my mom why anyone would name their child (read this how I typed it) Beat rice! To a kid, beat is one word and rice is another and that's how I was pronouncing her name!! So ever since then I've had a "thing" for the name Beatrice.

Now I'm off to play with crayons! Getting in touch with my inner child!! I hope you have a good weekend....remember to play a little bit!


  1. I like Beatrice very much ... happy flying to her and to you!

  2. Love Beatrice! Love this post!

  3. Beat rice... haha I love it!
    She sure is pretty.
    Aboriginal art is a good way to find inspiration I think. I love how you used it here...

  4. Love Beatrice, she's so much fun, and I love the story behind the name! And what a great idea to start filling in the pages of that beautiful journal with pencil sketches so you won't be tempted to leave it. Good idea.

  5. I have a good Beat rice story Janet and I wasn't a child when I made this mistake---
    About 7 years ago I was walking under a flourescent sign over a footpath and it said ????Theatre(I can't remember the name)but to be clever they had written it as TheAtre and I stood there for ages asking myself what in the world is a The Atre.
    I couldn't stop laughing when I finally realised what was going on.

  6. Oh Janet, I love Beat Rice!!! I for one, love the way you do hair :D It'll be fun to see you work in your new journal :D

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love the bird girl...very different and captivating! It seems that you are enjoying the new journal :)

  8. Beatrice is a cutie pie!

  9. I like that you textured her hair that way. It makes it much more interesting. Good to see you are on a roll and are starting to work in your BIG journal. Have a great week end Janet

  10. I like your birdie girl. But of course you knew I would! She can fly over here any time she wants. Is that journal made of w/c paper or what? I need to get a new one but would like to have one that will take wet. xoxo

  11. Beatrice is really cute.Hope you are having FUN! It sure looks like it.
    Yes I like the idea of doing sketches first.

  12. Very much detail! I just bought a little bag and when you look close...the design is dots! The tag says Batik! Hugs! ♥

  13. yea, you christened your journal! I have two I bought in Italy this summer, I have yet to do anything with them. One is for poetry, the other....not sure.
    Your gal is wonderfully whimsical.

  14. I really like Beatrice. She is adorable..Have a good weekend.

  15. Glad to see you are enjoying the new journal, and doing something a bit different. I really like fantacy characters...part of my fasination with faries and such. This should be a fun journey.


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