Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubble Headed Bleach Blond....

I'm up early today so I thought I'd get some art on here to share with you. I've been working on that other unfinished painting that I showed way back in September....the other drawing on a black background. So without further delay here she is.

She didn't turn out anything like I thought she would but that's ok. I think she has almost a cartoon-ish look about her but I like it. The line from Dirty Laundry about the bubble headed bleach blond keeps running through my head!

She also sort of reminds me of the old Archie and Veronica comic books. If you're not as old as I am you may not know what I'm talking about! HB had a completely different take on my painting. He said the face shape made him think Aztec, or Mayan, or something along those lines! I don't see that at all.

Profiles are definitely not my normal drawing and I had to have a picture to look at in order to do this. I doubt if I'll do many more of them. Straight on is so much easier.

Anyway, I wish I'd made her hair a little brighter but with the black background it was difficult. And I haven't finished the edges yet. Maybe some kind of paper border. I still have some of the paper I used for the cut-outs on her shirt. That might work.

Have a fun weekend....