Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Desiree....

Hi everyone! No storms yesterday and today we have bright sunny skies. I'm feeling energetic so I'm going out for a bit and thought I'd get my post done early.

I have some more art to share with you. I think my muse is back in full force so I'm taking advantage of that and keeping busy in the studio. I don't want to go back into one of those art slumps any time soon!

Remember I showed you that background page yesterday (you can scroll down to the previous post if you missed it)....well, I was sitting there looking at it and a face popped out at me! I hope you can see the line drawing in this photo....Desiree is calling out to me to bring her to life.

Those two blue rings on the right side were just begging to be an earring! I saw her neck first, then the earring and then her face came into focus. I LOVE painting like this!

Desiree is starting to get some definition. I used cheapie craft paints with glazing medium to achieve very transparent colors, and then added them layer by layer until I reached the effect I wanted.

I knocked back the background with some zinc white just to take away the glaring, too bright color.

The photo above is without any outlining. HB likes her just like this....but....

I wanted a little more definition so I used a soft pencil to go around her. Can you see the difference? Which do you prefer?

You can't really see it but there are some white dots on her earrings and white highlights on her necklace. I'm happy with how she turned out. I only wish she had been painted in my new journal. Desiree would be the perfect beginning for that journal of women.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day. I hope wherever you are that you have a great day, too.


  1. I think I like the final version better.
    Enjoy your lovely weather! It's cold and rainy here today.


  2. I'm so glad you've found your groove again! Love your Desiree- she's so much fun! I prefer the final version too, so good call!

  3. Hi Janet,
    Glad things are rolling along again :-).
    I like both versions, but the final one has a feeling of being complete.

  4. Janet, I am just amazed at how you can do the background then draw that girl on top!! Amazing! I would be so overwhelmed I wouldn't know where to start!! She's so cool and sheek!! Love those earrings :D

  5. I like the last version as well Janet and I would kill for as much hair as she has.

  6. I like the last version too. I loved seeing the steps. I love doing found art too. It looks like you are back for sure now. It must feel great.

  7. i LOVE LOVE her, just great, I liked all versions

  8. Yippee! You got your art on, gal!

  9. Yes! The Muse is back! Love that you showed how Desiree became to be.... very interesting! You did such a great job with transparent layers, she is perfect. I agree with everyone - the last one seems finished.

  10. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Glad to see your muse is back! Desiree is looking good...I like the last one too! I always seem to reach for the craft paints too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Bob Strike6:55 PM

    I really like the final version of your piece, it was fascinating looking at and reading about your process. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. I like them both very much!

    Look like you had much fun with creating her.

  13. Desiree is fabulous! I love your colour palette - you're back in the groove! x

  14. oh janet i love how desiree turned out!!! great job using the glazing medium with your craft paints to build up layers! i haven't tried my craft paints with my glazing did you like it? did it give you enough transparency? love her best with the soft pencil outline...but ya already know i'm partial to that. ;) :D love the details you added too! you have such a great style!!

    blessings & hugs,


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