Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Place for Artists to Have Fun....

Today I'm here for a couple of quick things. I don't have any art to share today but some new stuff will be coming soon. I'm working on a couple of stay tuned.
This is my daughter's 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Molly!!!! Molly lives in Delaware so there will be no cake baking or party giving....sad face.... :-( But I sent her a little package so I'm sure she'll have some kind of celebration. It's difficult when your kids live so far away. And mine are on the complete opposite coasts. One in Alaska and one in Delaware....and me in California.
On another note, I want to be sure to let everyone know that Kate has started a new ning site for artists. She's just getting it started so if you'd like to join please go HERE and sign up. Kate is planning to offer classes and challenges and knowing Kate, it will be a fun place to be. So go on over and get signed's free....and then the fun can begin! Also I put a badge over on the right side of the page and you can just click on it to join.

If you don't know Kate be sure to check out her blog. She is a multi-talented woman....she does painting, art journaling, just about any type of art you can think of, weaving, and so much more. And she's one of the nicest people I know here in Blogland. I love supporting fellow artists when they spread their wings and start something new. Kate IS The Queen of Creativity!!!


  1. hey, you know you can always have a cake for her! just a little one to remember this day 42yrs ago xo
    Happy Birthday to Molly !! I love that name - that was one I had chosen for my eldest daughter.. but Louisa won out :)

  2. Tell Molly Happy Birthday from me too! Thanks for the plug, you are such a sweetie!


  3. Happy birthday to Molly. Will have to go and check out Kates group.

  4. It is soooo good to be home, even if it isn't Kansas. I checked out the site you mentioned, great blog.
    I like the face you did outlined, it seems to bring it to life.
    How can our kids be this old????
    Hope she has MANY more and always
    HAPPY ones.

  5. Hi Janet,
    Thank you for sharing about your daughter's birthday...Happy Birthday Molly!!!!

  6. Happy birthday to Molly!!! Will go and check out Kate's group

  7. how could you have a daughter that old, since your only 25.....

  8. That sounds like a fun group - thanks for sharing, Janet.

    I'm really happy to be meeting other artists in 'our' classes! This is something I've put aside for a while and happy to be getting back to. You have a wonderful blog - I love how free you are with color! See you in class!

  9. I'm WAY behind visiting folks, but send belated wishes to Molly! Longing for time to blog, create, be!


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