Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two in a Row!!

This morning I finished one of the paintings that's been sitting on my work table for awhile. You may remember I showed you the beginning layout back in September....

She looked a little eerie at that point and she stayed that way for several weeks! Every day I'd walk into the studio and see her staring at me with those blank eyes. Yikes! You would think that would have been enough to get me to paint but it didn't work.

But when I saw her this morning I knew I had to finish her. Her hair got a layer of Golden's Nickel Azo Gold....it has a beautiful shimmer and depth that I like. Then I got busy with my black paint pen.

Here's a close-up of the hair detail. I didn't get carried away this time!

The scanner cut off the bottom border and also there's a bit of a shine to her but I think it's ok. I'm happy with how she turned out.

After looking at yesterday's painting I decided to give her some eyelids and a few dots on her face....

and I think she looks better although I think her eyes still need some work. For now I'm just happy to be painting again!


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    So glad for you janet that your 'dry' spell is over! love the girls and those dots add someothing special to the finished art!

    Krissie @ Winterwood blog

  2. Way to go! I like the new lady. The detail in her hair suits her just fine. She looks like a subtle lady, not too eccentric...


  3. Welcome back, Janet! :)

  4. Whoo Hoooo! So glad your creative mojo has returned (I knew it would). Love your new lady - and her groovy hair.
    Dot xx

  5. I love the new lady Janet and her hair is fantastic.

  6. Your new lady is gorgeous. Love the hair detail.

  7. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hi Janet! This is terrific...to see you back in action....I love your work....it is so inspirational....

    The angle of the first sketch.....lovin' her pose! and the detailing in the hair...just perfect!

    Your shading and use of colours in the second one is amazing! Today's WAtercOLor Wednesday..and I don't know what to post about yet....just having my morning coffee here and thinking....but thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

    ciao bella!


  8. Fabulous Janet! What great ladies you've made since you got out of your slump! Fantastic! So nice to see you back :)

  9. Nickel Azo Gold is one of my favorites. It just works. Glad you're getting your groove back! She's fun!

  10. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I was hoping you'd finish this one...she's lovely and that "come hither" look in her eyes...tis great!

  11. Came back so I could leave a comment, no time yesterday.. I really like the pose of the first girl. I tried to go to "Color Me Beautiful" but it did not work for me.My art room is CLOSED till we get back from the Keys, around the end of the month. Keep painting!

  12. Oh I love her, you did just the right amount on the hair. I am glad to see you doing art again,,,,


  13. Hi Janet,
    Yeah, Way to go!
    That's quite a sexy pose and with that long firey hair~Gorgeous

  14. it's amazing what a tiny bit of detail can do to finish a painting. i like the little dots you added to yesterdays painting.

  15. She's lovely, tho I did like the creepy look woman too. She looked unfinished, as if she was coming or going.

  16. whoohooo these are wonderful!


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