Thursday, November 04, 2010

Books, Art and Beauties....

Yesterday I showed you some of my "hoard" of art supplies. You may have noticed that there was not one photo of all the books I own! That's because I think I'd have to start another blog just to hold all those photos! I freely admit to having a book addiction. "Hello, my name is Janet and I'm a book addict!"

I've been trying to be good but that can't last forever....I just have to be bad once in awhile. Ok....maybe it's more often than that! So here are some of my recent purchases....

Here's a close up of the spines so you can read the titles. Maybe the book "Journal Junkies" is responding to my addiction! I could write one called "Art Supplies & Books Junkie"....

This one small room in our house that is my studio/office probably holds more stuff than anyone could imagine. Not only all my art supplies but all my artsy/crafty books as well....and a few office supplies sneak in once in awhile. It's pretty amazing how much stuff I can cram into this space. And the scary thing is I know where every thing is located! Well, most of the time I do.


Now for a little bit of art for today. And it really is a little bit. NaNoJouMo's (the link is over there on the right) word for today is quarter. That's a toughie. The only thing that came to my mind was one quarter of something and since I'm liking very geometric shapes lately I decided to divide my page into quarters and do something like that. Good idea, not so good follow through!

It started out ok....

but I think it lost something after I did all the coloring. I tried to keep it one quarter reds, one quarter greens, one quarter blues, and one quarter purples....

I didn't have enough different shades of each color to do what I wanted and at the end had to add the orange and peach down the middle and all the little yellow parts so it lost the "quarter-ness" of my idea. Oh, win some and you lose some! I still had fun doing it. I may add some zentangle designs to it tonight. If I do I'll show you tomorrow.

And last but not least look what our neighbor brought over to us....

A bag full of these beauties!!!! Yum!!!


  1. I like your quarter art. It looks good now but I bet the zentangle designs will make it pop. Those pomegranates looks yummy.

  2. I thought those might be pomegrantes, I never have had one, are they good. I like the design you did with the colours for the quater prompt. I read the prompts every day , and think about them, and that is what i thought of to when I read it, two great minds think alike. I have not done any of the prompts yet. But I am writing them down so I will do at some time in my life ha ha. I like the title of all the books. I have read from the library the Journal Junkies, I like it, I also like there website. how about the others let me know how you like them, I am going to check the library to see if they any of those.

  3. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Oh is that ever dynamic! i love it Janet!

    and as far as being a book horder...well what's wrong with that.....I love books and art supplies too....

    i think it's a bit of an obsession.....but again, what's wrong with that, right.....

    no wait, if loving paper, and art supplies and books is wrong then I don't wanna be right! heheheeeee...

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  4. Love it already, but adding some zentangles will really bring it out.

    Not sure you can ever have too many art and craft books. I'm addicted too!

  5. It's great that you can find everything in your studio, I sure wish I could. Hi Janet. Just stopped by to say that my little journal from last year has finally come back home. I love your art and the zentangles. Thanks ever so much for taking part in the mini journal. I just received it back and started a post today on it. I'm only putting up a few photos of it at a time but how fun this was. Thanks again and I'll let you know when your drawing goes up. Take care and have a great life.

  6. Hi Janet! nice pomegranates! Oh..........the art too.........=)

  7. Are those pomegranates? What a wonderful gift -- aren't they the ones wtih the fabulous seeds?

    Love your books and all -- looks like Ms. Muse is BACK!

  8. Hi Janet, My name is Lee and I am a book addict too. I say you can never have enough good books on hand :)
    I really like your geometric page, being a bright colour loving girl.

  9. you are overly critical - I love the Quarter art.
    and I'm an absolute book hoard. my husband doesn't get it. but I adore a good new book or a nice vintage find book... thankfully for him, we are watching our pennies so there are no new books unless they are required for my thesis..


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