Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Few Additions....

Are you all having a fun weekend? HB and I are catching up on some chores around the house....nothing exciting but stuff that needs to get done.

Last evening I sat with my graph paper journal and added some color to one of my doodles and added some doodles to the piece I did for "quarter" Here is the doodle page I colored....

And here is my quarter page with doodles added....

I like it much better. I also did my page for yesterday's NaNoJouMo word: equanimity....

You can see I didn't go with my original idea of using the sketch. You won't be able to read this. Here's what it says: TV moms were always so perfect. they wore dresses and heels to do housework! they always knew just what to say and do when their kids had a problem. they remained cool and calm no matter what happened! i used to think that's how all moms were supposed to be! i never managed to be that perfect mom. i couldn't seem to remain cool and calm when my kids had problems.

The box at the bottom contains the word and its definition. I thought the picture of the woman was a perfect example of cool and calm.

Today's word is esoteric! Dawn is really giving us tough words to use. I'm starting with this page....

and I'll see where it takes me.

I hear the dryer buzzing so I better go get the laundry.


  1. Love your doodles, so vibrant!

    Really love your piece about mums on TV,I feel like that at times too, with two little crazy boys bouncing around the house it's hard to keep my cool sometimes ;0) Looking forward to seeing where this next word takes you!

  2. Love the doodles! The doodles added to the quarter page have really made it pop.

    Hmm no, as much as I strive for it, cool and calm often goes out the window around here. What fun word prompts you're given though- they're cool!

  3. Just beautiful! I know I can always be inspired when I come to visit here!

    happy day!

  4. I aspire to be a tv mo....HAHA NOT!
    Can you imagine striving for perfection everyday? Forget computer time or me time! However I do tend to be on the calm side unless someone $%&*ks with me!! lol
    Darn housework eh? Wish I liked it dirty....but I don't! Nice doodles!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Really tough words! You are doing great! I like all three pages. The first two are so full of color and pattern, it's a joy to look at them. The third one is "cool and calm", as the TV Moms. I don't think that any real-life mom can be like that...

  6. Ive been enjoying your nano stuff prompts very much Janet!

  7. Doodle colors are so vibrant!

    We have been busy with chores too, and it has taken me away from computer. But I'm catching dropped by to say hi. :D

  8. Wow, the colours on your doodles really make them pop. Beautiful work.
    Your page does look like the epitome of cool and calm. Well done on expressing it so well.

  9. Janet your work always makes me happy, the colors are so bright and cheery.

  10. Trece7:28 AM

    I love your art journal pages, Janet, especially the way you pre-treat your pages, like a canvas.

  11. Janet
    Your pages really are the bomb!How I'd love to spend some time with you
    and see all the different techniques you use.

  12. Anonymous9:56 AM


    and you are doing your laundry....I should take notes..because that sounds like pretty good housewife behaviour! hehehe...unlike me!

    my pile is huge....but I'm having more fun visiting with you and your art!

    thanks for stopping in to see me...sorry about adding to your list of book wants...but really it never ends for any of us! lol

    ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  13. Beautiful the bold colors and designs! You make are FUN! ♥

  14. I'm loving your pages! Your colors are beautiful!


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