Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forge Ahead....

Today I'm getting my post up earlier than I usually do. When I first looked at yesterday's word (forge) I thought of a poem I learned in grade school....under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smitthy stands. But translating that into a page wasn't going to happen!

Then I read the definition....that always helps even when I know what the word means. The dictionary seems to boil it down to the bare bones. That's when I thought of forging ahead. That's something I do at times so there was my meaning for the word.

So I used some Neocolor II crayons to lay down some color, then used a brayer and some green to give it some grunginess. I got a little carried away with the green so I added some white to tone it down a little. Then I used some gesso on the edge of an old credit card to do some lines here and there. Added some circles and dots with a white paint pen and it was ready for some words. Here's how it turned out....

I didn't notice that shadow in the upper left corner until I was sizing the photo this morning. I took the photos last night. I think you can still read what it says. Here's a close up of the entire page....

And here's a close up of the top corner....

For some reason I really like this corner with the lines and dots and the purple color along the edge....

So there you have it....forge. Nothing to do with a village smitthy!


  1. Love it- love it--love it.
    And all that purple :}}

  2. That is my motto today, too! Trying to get things in order so that I can enjoy my days! Hugs! ♥

  3. Please take a second to tell us where you get your daily words-how fun.

  4. nothing is by chance ~ and those colours are beautifully peaceful to look at ~ [what was the title of that poem? I remember it too!].. and yes, where do you get these daily words? what fun!

  5. What a great all just seems to flow together in harmony....Very creative with the use of the word.....

  6. Wow, Janet what a great page. The colours and textures are so in harmony. (I always forget to get out my brayer.) I love your lines, dots and circles too. It all goes so well together with your text, it really focuses on the message

  7. Very cool. I learn a lot from you when you tell us the mechanics of what you do. The lines of gesso just make it!

  8. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I remember that poem too...also, do you remember, "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree." (Joyce Kilmer). I like what you were able to pull out of your pages...great words, colors & composition!!

  9. What a beautiful color combination! White dots and purple always make me happy.

  10. Wonderful, simply wonderful!! Rock on!!

  11. I love the colours you've used here, Janet...great page and message too!

  12. Janet, Nice, page, gorgeous colors, I really like those white lines you added...

  13. Love this page so much! Thank you for sharing what you used to create it. ^^ Looking forward to visiting your site often, I've added you to my RSS :)
    Take care! ~diysara

  14. Hi Janet,
    Ooohh, love the colours and the message is great!
    Well done,
    Have a fun, creative weekend,


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