Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Fortunate Fortune....

It's day three of Dawn's NaNoJouMo. If you haven't already heard about it, you can go HERE and read all about it. Why don't you join in? It's fun and even if you missed the first couple of days you can still either catch up or just start today. I also put a button over on the side of my blog that will take you to the info page.

Today's word is fortune. And the first thing I thought of was the fortune of money I've got wrapped up in art supplies!! And how fortunate I am to be able to spend time and money on something I love....

photos are clickable to view larger
You might be able to see that I sort of cleaned up my work table! It isn't quite as messy as it was yesterday but now all that stuff is over on my other work table! Oh, my gosh....when am I ever going to learn to stop buying art stuff!!!

And since that picture is so small I'll just put the others on here at the bottom of this post so you can see some of my stuff. Do you do the same thing? Do you continue to buy art supplies even though you have more than enough to do just about anything you want?

I have lots of craft paints. They're stored on a revolving carousel that I bought at Michael's.

My other paints are stored on the shelf in a plastic bin. All brands....all sizes....all colors....

Then you have to have brushes! These are just some of my brushes. I have another container on the work table that holds all the brushes with extra long handles. Then I have another container filled with new foam brushes....maybe 20 or so! You never know when you might need a foam brush!!

Some of my mediums....this doesn't show my gel mediums, mod podge etc.

A few of the drawers of scrapbook paper....I have more containers on the floor with card stock and more papers....

My Sharpies....I also have a big set of Prismacolor markers....and gel pens, and paint pens....

My colored pencils and other drawing pencils....

Watercolors....I have cheapie kids watercolors, Twinkling H2O's, tube watercolors, watercolor pencils.... can see I don't take very good care of my palettes but I rarely use them anymore.

Neocolors, a few Shiva paint sticks, several kinds of pastels, and I also have those crappy new Crayola crayons. You know....the ones where they've changed the formula and they don't color like they used to.

So you can see I have spent a small fortune and probably will continue to do so because I love color and texture whether I'm creating it or just looking at it. I just love having all these toys to play name it and I've probably got it. What are your favorite toys??


  1. I am just laughing at your pictures because no matter what, it's always fun to buy new Art Supplies!! Always!! Plus, you never know when you'll be "arting" with a friend or child and they'll need what you are using!! Love the pictures :D Perfect for the prompt !

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Oh my goodness Janet !! You have an art supply store right there in your home :) I soooo am jealous of all those paints and pens. I would love to own them all. I have a lot but nowhere near that amount and i dont blame you... i would if i could too. Fabulous and I love your idea for the 'fortune'
    thanks too for your lovely comment about my grandchildrens piccy
    hugs June xxxxx

  3. Hi Janet,
    Oh wow, Yes, how fortunate we are to have soo many art supplies and the time to play with them.
    Hm, I think you win with the variety of colours.

  4. Oh Janet you could be talking about me. I just buy and buy when I already have enough but I love choice and having everything at my fingertips(well that's my excuse LOL)Some people buy shoes, I buy art supplies! I don't know whether I can pick a favourite because it changes depending upon the style I am doing at the moment. I think my all time favourite repetitive buy would be my brushes.
    I love your page too. The blues are divine.

  5. I had just slipped my bag into the house from my shopping spree today when I opened your blog...well, I see there are others with the same problem as mine.......but we have fun don't we....

  6. OMG.. I'll take anything ur not using anymore.. oh my god. I can only dream of a fraction of this stuff!

  7. Wow Janet..that is a beautiful array of supplies! For me these days it's camera and computer..taking into consideration that I can probably make art using's those two that would break my heart if they were missing. How could I share? I would be lonely.

  8. I love all your supplies and I am so jealous, I though I had lots of supplies but I think I am just getting started. I don't know how you keep track of it all.

  9. You are truly rich in supplies and talent!!I love it all....I have enough, but nothing of what you do....I plan on scaling down and purging things I don't use too! Fun seeing everything you have!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Living on a budget for the past 8 years, I've learned to stop buying stuff when I can use something I already have on hand. But, even if I don't buy anything new, I still seem to accumulate supplies!

    In my case, as long as I have something to write/draw with and a surface to write/draw on, I'm happy. Of course, the extra supplies are a fun bonus... ;-)


  11. This made me smile because I have the same addiction...I go out to buy clothes and, instead, I come back with art supplies. Love the colours in your journal page!

  12. That sure is a very fortunate fortune! I love all your supplies. Can I come over to play?! I don't have half as many, I try to hold back, but there's always something to tempt you (but for me the biggest problem is working out where to store them all).

  13. Ah! I love all those do have quite a collection of paints. How fun!!

  14. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Hi Janet! I'm so glad to be here catching up!

    okay..let's discuss this problematic artful hording habit of ours...I have the same problem..and do you know how many times I've told myself to behave and just be content with the amount of supplies I have on hand, lying in wait at home in my studio when i'm out and about and just happen upon an art supply store......
    countless times....millions of times....

    but it is just so inspiring to be around artful candy, you know what I'm saying right!

    I love that you have shown and shared all of your goodies with me here is just what I needed to see....can never get enough!

    now, I'm off to read your last post about the nanojoumo...I'm familiar with NanoWriMo....but this sounds interesting too!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  15. Beautiful photos of your vast array of treasures. Some of them look just like my stash, maybe I'll just borrow your photos. LOL Well, yours are just a wee bit more organized than mine are. That storage grid thing is so cool to spin around and look at all the colors. Makes me happy.

  16. Looking at the photos made me feel like I was in a candy store. My supply inventory is hardly near your collection. If I had more moolah, I'm sure I'd be spending like crazy.

  17. wow you have so much paint and colors. I would most likely just admire them then use them........impressive

  18. I love stepping into your studio and seeing your stash of stuff -- what a splash of color -- I simply love it! Yes, I have a fortune in art supplies, too - but I don't think they are quite so organized as yours!

    Really nice photos, too. Just peeking into your world is the best!

  19. Just lovely how you describe your love for art and how you have your own art store at home. It’s the first time I have visited your blog and its beautiful!
    Keep it up the good work :D


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