Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Divine....

Yesterday's NaNoJouMo word was divinity. This was a snap for me. The first thing I thought of was my grandma's divinity. She made it every year at Christmastime....and she beat it by hand! No electric mixers or food processors for her. And she probably weighed all of 95 lbs soaking wet! But she could beat the heck out of that divinity until it was smooth as silk.

She put it into big rectangular pans and then cut it into squares like fudge....and every piece had a pecan halve on top. It was truly divine!

She would make up boxes of divinity for all the family members and I'm sure they were just like me....waiting each year for that delicious box of yumminess to arrive.

Today I wouldn't eat divinity because it's made with corn syrup....I try to stay away from corn in all forms (which is next to impossible!) but back then I loved my grandma's divinity. So in honor of my grandma here is my divinity page....

After seeing the photos of it, I realize how messy my writing is....and I should have put something along the right side. It looks kind of bare.

But I didn't and that's that! Today's word is sumptuous....that might be a fun word to work with. Come by tomorrow and see what I come up with for it.


  1. I'm thinking about cutting out corn, too... But like sugar, it's in everything! Your tribute to grandma's divinity is very nice.

  2. You have beautitful handwriting Janet. :) No corn syrup for me either. It's in everything so it can be challenging. But I like a challenge!

  3. Aren't memories wonderful.....I bet it was delicious.....

  4. I love the sound of your Grandma's divinity. What precious memories.
    You handwriting looks fine to me.

  5. ohhhhhh, divinity ...... such memories!

  6. What a lovely memory. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Johnina :^A

  7. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Great post! I haven't eaten divinity in years. My mom made it a few times years ago. You are just working away in that journal! I love how the mystique girl turned out!!

  8. Well your art has just been divine... love the tribute to your grandmother... So sweet

  9. Your painting and description made my mouth water. It has been sometime since I have had divinity. My girlfriend's Mom used to help her and I make some every year to give our parents for Christmas. I miss that.

  10. What a wonderful memory Janet, and a lovely page to go with it.


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