Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitties and Art....

The best laid plans.... I told you I'd show more of my pages a couple of days ago. But that was before we had to spend most of Saturday at the vet's office! Our LuLu is sick again. I won't give you all the messy details but Friday afternoon she started getting sick. Friday night I slept on the couch in the family room so I could keep an eye on her. She wouldn't come upstairs with us so I thought I better stay with her just in case she had trouble in the night.

So I didn't get much sleep Friday night and then Saturday we spent a long time at the vet.

LuLu is very patient. She just sat quietly in the bottom half of her travel crate while we waited for the doctor.

They ran some tests and observed LuLu but came up with nothing definitive. Today she's doing a little better. She's on an antibiotic with an anti-nausea medicine added to it. She's drinking a little water and eating a few bites now and then so hopefully this won't turn into something huge like last time. At least her blood work came back looking good.

She's such a sweet kitty....and spoiled rotten by HB!


I do have a couple of pages for you and I promise I'll keep posting a few at a time until I get you all caught up.

Nov 24 - word was courage

The background of this page was already done and just waiting to be finished. I love having lots of background pages ready. It makes it a lot easier when I'm rushed for time.

Nov 25 - word was gratitude

Another background all ready and waiting. This page isn't much....just a bit of writing. Some of the words this month just don't resonate with me. That isn't to say gratitude is one of those words! I say "thank you" hundreds of times each day. I say silent thank you's for just about everything in my life. But making a page is not always something easy for me....especially when there's a theme or word to be used. That's why I join so many of these journal prompt challenges. It doesn't come easy and I keep hoping that if I do it enough I'll get the hang of it. So far that hasn't worked!!

Ok, HB just started a fire in the fireplace so I'm going to join him in the family room. I hope you all have a pleasant evening. Stay warm....


  1. I do hope LuLu continues to improve....I know how concerned one can get over an animal....My Simon looks so much like you LuLu......

    Love your pages....the colors are deep and beautiful....

    Enjoy your fire.......

  2. Great pages and hugs to you and Lulu.

    happy day!

  3. lulu is in my thoughts... hope she is better soon!

  4. Awww... Kisses to LuLu... Hope she gets better soon.

    I stopped Nanojoumo after a few days because I had a hard time being inspired by the words. I think you are amazing to have kept up with it. Kudos to you.

  5. I hope Lulu recovers quickly poor little girl! Gosh we're alike, I would have slept in the room with my animal too, also I give thanks all day long too! Much of it silent. The other day my daughter was telling me she also gives thanks often. Sometimes I hear her thanking the bus driver as she exits a bus in the middle of my phone call! I don't think people understand the importance of giving thanks! Glad we do!

    Big hugs

  6. So sad to hear your Lulu is not feeling well, hope she gets better soon, it is so hard when our pets are ill and can't tell us what is wrong.

    Your pages are super as usual, I really like Courage, the color really grabs me.

  7. Hope Lulu comes out of this ok.
    It is always hard when pets and infants have a problem since they can not tell you where it hurts.
    Love the backgrounds and what you did with the words.

  8. Janet,

    I hope that Lulu is better today. Your pages are always wonderful to me. I do understand though that sometimes words are great prompts and sometimes they just stifle me. I like going with whatever I feel that day.

    Have a great day.


  9. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Okay..let me start with your darling the name, btw!...hope your kitty is feeling better with the medicine now...and you are such a good, kind and tender mommy! to stay with her.

    And...secondly...I am always glad when you share your pages ... I really think that I should fill in some background pages like you do...and then I'll have them to go back to when further inspiration strikes me! That's a great idea!

    Thanks Janet! Have a nice night!
    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  10. Poor Lulu, I do hope that all is well and that she is feeling better now. I love the page about gratitude - what gorgeous colours in the background.

  11. I am so sorry. Hope Lulu gets better real soon.

    Our Turtle had what our vet called "fever of unknown origin" and says this is common in kitties! She got over it and is fine, but our vet says it can come back. Medical science isn't what we would like sometimes.

    Lulu is a beauty!

  12. So sorry to hear LuLu is sick. Hope she gets better soon.

    I love the way you challenge yourself. And having lots of background pages ready does sound like a great idea. There's always something there to go to work on when time is tight. I should do that!

  13. Sorry to hear about Lulu...I hope she continues to get better. I like your journal pages a whole lot...Who is that attractive young lady in the photo below?

  14. Awww...I hope Lulu gets better soon! I know it is hard t owatch a beloved pet suffer. Hope your TDAY was awesome!

  15. Poor Lovely LuLu. I hope she feels better soon.

    What a great job you do when having all those background pages at the readhy.

  16. I love the new pages! You are a marvelous artist.

    I'm adding Lulu to my prayers. My heart stops when there are sick kitties.

  17. Nice pages.
    I like courage most.

  18. So sorry Lulu is under the weather and hoping the new meds help her feel a little better. So concerning when the baby-cat is not at her best.

    Love the pages -- courage and gratitude -- great words.

    Sending hugs, love and good wishes to you and Lulu!

  19. Poor LuLu baby. Lucky she has you to care so much for her. I hate it when animals get sickie. They can't tell us where it hurts.

  20. Lulu is sooooooooo cute! I hope she is already feeling better...

  21. Poor Lulu, I hope she is doing well. Our little friends mean so much to us.
    I love your pages!
    Also you are so cute, the picture of you is adorable.
    I was going to Boise this morning, but we have a winter wanderland and the roads are bad. Arney called me after driving to work and ask me to please stay home. He drove about 25 miles an hour all the way.
    It is about 20 miles to Cory's house. I am watching the news, they are closing all the schools.
    I will take pictures and put them on the blog. I have been busy, trying to finish all my Christmas projects. Love you, Mary

  22. I'm back! Come over and see our morning snow...Hugs, Mary

  23. Love and hugs to Lulu.
    I hope she soon recovers.
    Your journal pages are always so colourful and cheering.
    I think you are your worst critic..!

  24. OH, poor Lulu!! I hope she's doing much better now?

    Nice pages, Janet!

  25. Oh pretty Lulu.... I just read. How is she doing now?

  26. HI Janet- thinking of you and Lu Lu

  27. I like the background purples and pinks and the swirls, it is very pretty indeed, I always enjoy this type of textual art with heartfelt meaning!


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